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    Nash Walker got a reaction from C_frommn for a video, 2022 Top Prospects: #2 Royce Lewis   
    It hasn't been an easy journey for Lewis, whom the Twins selected with the first overall pick in 2017. After a difficult season in 2019, Lewis lost the 2020 season due to Covid and then tore his ACL just before the 2021 campaign. Looking to put it all together in a healthy 2022, it's a pivotal year for the former top global prospect.
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    Nash Walker got a reaction from Dman for a video, Byron Buxton: The Heart and Soul of These Twins   
    A top notch player on the field and off, Byron Buxton encapsulates everything you're looking for in a team leader.
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    Nash Walker got a reaction from Danielspr for a video, 2022 breakout prospect: Matt Canterino   
    Very few Twins pitching prospects have the stuff to match Matt Canterino’s. He pairs an upper-90s fastball with a sharp slider and depthy changeup. For those reasons, he’s a breakout candidate for 2022.
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    Nash Walker got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan for a video, 2022 Breakout Candidate: Alex Kirilloff   
    It’s easy to forget about Alex Kirilloff because his season ended prematurely, but the 23-year-old showcased his exciting talent when healthy in 2021.
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    Nash Walker got a reaction from Devilsadvocate for a video, Joe Flow - Joe Ryan's First Two MLB Starts   
    Joe Ryan is exactly what Minnesota Twins fans have been clamoring for all season; a young, promising starter that lends a positive eye toward the future of the franchise. Ryan, using his quirky fastball delivery, lives up in the zone and befuddles opposing hitters, leading to dominant results early in his career.
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