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    Nash Walker reacted to JW24 in Defying History: a preview and prediction of game two with New York   
    I am hoping Gibson can deliver a good start for the Twins tonight. I cannot find data to support this, but from watching him, it feels like he is reluctant to show his slider the first time through the order. I think for him to be effective tonight, he will have to have a strong blend of off-speed pitches early.
    His walk rate would look much better if not for his 4 BB game against Oakland and 5 BB game against Boston that have both occurred in his last 5 real starts. Not that there are any teams you can afford to give free baserunners to, but the Yankees seem to be a team that takes advantage when given those gifts. If Gibby can show command early, he should be successful tonight.
    Give me a 7-3 Twins win!
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    Nash Walker reacted to spanman2 in R-E-L-A-X: A preview and prediction of game one with Oakland   
    I like it!!! Sign me up.
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