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Blog Comments posted by Patrick Wozniak

  1. Great analysis - I'm pretty excited to see how Dobnak performs. One thing I did notice was that he had an even lower K/9 (6.65) and much higher walk rate (3.52/9) in 46 innings at AAA. His ERA was still great due to not giving up any homers and a 61.1% GB rate (I imagine plenty of those walks were turned into double plays) but his xFIP was 4.64. And the walks at AAA seem to be an anomaly though so it's not too concerning. I hope he can miss as many bats as you predict, but even if he doesn't he seems like he could still be a pretty useful pitcher. Nice job!


    But the objective is not simply to 'find' someone that can handle the 3rd-base (or first-base) role defensively.


    The objective is to construct a roster with the best possible lineup options, day in and day out. And to do that you want...

    a: corner infielders that can hit like corner infielders

    b: competent utility player (or players) available on a daily basis


    Inserting Gonzalez as the every-day third-baseman fails on both accounts.

    But who can do that? If the Twins are able to sign Donaldson, great, but outside of him I'd rather just slide Sano over to first than sign any of the other remaining options. Minnesota still would have a really good lineup and Gonzalez's bat should be around league average. As the season moves on someone like Kirilloff (1b) or Lewis (3B) could emerge and send Gonzalez back to a utility role anyway.

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