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  1. WTF
    KFEY93 reacted to Diesel in Kepler crushes Gordon   
    Jake Cave time I assume?
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    KFEY93 reacted to jmlease1 in Duran makes Opening Day roster   
    I think they're seeing him as a 1-2 innings reliever now. It'll probably play up his 2-pitch mix and hopefully they'll be able to keep him healthy.
    The stuff is legit; that fastball isn't just some flat, straight heater that MLB hitter will be able to time easily after they see it once or twice, and the "splinker" really falls off the table and changes eye level. he's a weapon. I'm bummed they don't really see him as a starter any longer, but this is one of the reasons I favor building bullpens internally rather than spending $14M on a guy to pitch the 9th inning.
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    KFEY93 reacted to nicksaviking in A trade possibility between the Twins and the Padres? Paddock for???   
    If Kepler still has trade value, I'd move him ASAP. Few players can go two years in a row with his offensive production and still be viewed as having a favorable contract. He goes a third year, and the Twins will lose all equity in that deal.
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    KFEY93 got a reaction from Strombomb in Offseason Status Update: Is That It?   
    Is it that much better though? What is it...6 more wins? thats still mediocre. .500 should never be the goal of any club in any pro sport. That's how you get stuck in Vikings land kicking the Cousins can down the road. Its misery. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Vanimal46 in Is 2022 finally the year we see another Francisco Liriano?   
    We’re well overdue to see it happen. Looks like Winder will get the first opportunity to impress as a rookie and he looks the part. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Doctor Gast in Miranda, Larnach Optioned, Nine More Reassigned to Minor League Camp   
    Why is Cave still around and playing CF yet!? When will they wake up? Cave isn't a CF, can him and get a for real CF to back up Buxton!
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    KFEY93 reacted to Mill1634 in Miranda, Larnach Optioned, Nine More Reassigned to Minor League Camp   
    I too am upset about Larnach being sent down. I didn't expect him to come North with the team, but there is no reason to send him down already. He was crushing the ball and Jake Cave is still with the team. Zero reason for that. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to baul0010 in What the Chris Archer Signing Does for the Twins Rotation   
    There is no way we get anywhere close to 1400 innings from this group.  We are going to need 10 to 12 "starters" to get there.  There are no work horses in this group because of age (young and old) or injury.  
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    KFEY93 reacted to mikelink45 in What the Chris Archer Signing Does for the Twins Rotation   
    My biggest worry is if Bundy and Archer pull a Happ and Shoemaker and we hang on to them too long.  If they look lousy cut them and move one. 
    But I am still reeling from the FO pitching moves - besides last year there was Homer Bailey and Andrew Albers and John Gant and Martin Perez - which one of these did Wes Johnson do his, so called- magic, with?  Sorry, but you can only tweak so much and it has not given me any great hope.  I am beginning to think the Wes Johnson rep is undeserved. 
    We had Zach Littell and now the Giants do - he was 4 - 2 with 2.92 era last year for the first place Giants.
    Sean Poppin did not have a good year after leaving us, but he is on the Diamondback team.
    We pushed Colina and then gave up on him.  Where was the coaching.  He is now with the Rangers.
    Every year we hear about Thorpe, but no fix there.
    Kyle Gibson went from a disappointment to an all-star when he left.
    I am not sure that I can credit very many pitching coaches with changing careers, but it is time we start examining Wes and seeing if he is what they told us.
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    KFEY93 reacted to dex8425 in What the Chris Archer Signing Does for the Twins Rotation   
    I like the move. We need the depth, bad. If he can pitch 100 innings with an ERA in the 4's this signing will be a huge success. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Dantes929 in What the Chris Archer Signing Does for the Twins Rotation   
    Yeah.   I have seen it many times starting with Jack Morris.   Never works out.    Just kidding.    I would prefer going with younger guys as well.  I don't hate this move.   Just don't care for this idea that two more months in the minors is going to make the near ready prospects into ready prospects seems as nebulous as pitch counts and innings limits.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Harrison Greeley III in Will the Real Trevor Larnach Please Stand Up   
    Those huge gaps between between AVG and OBP are promising. The league figured out quickly you don't want to throw him fastballs so they fed him nothing but sliders. If those gaps weren't there, I'd be more concerned. I feel confident he's going to figure it out. 

    If he does, I wonder if that threatens Kepler's job security if he remains so beatable and vulnerable to 4-3 groundouts. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Vanimal46 in Twins to Sign RHP Chris Archer to One-Year Deal   
    Sounds like the A’s are holding onto Montas until the trade deadline. Manaea could be had now but as a 1 year rental for a haul of prospects, I can see why a deal hasn’t been made. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Vanimal46 in Twins to Sign RHP Chris Archer to One-Year Deal   
    He has upside of more than a backend starter so I don’t mind the move. If he doesn’t find it, 1/$3.5 million is a drop in the bucket. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to USNMCPO in Report from the Fort: 3/24 News and Notes   
    I believe there is a difference between a 5% profit and a 5% valuation increase. Gotta play the long game....
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    KFEY93 reacted to Karbo in Ghost Runner Rule Back to Haunt in 2022   
    I HATE this rule. I could live with it if they imposed it later say inning 12 or so, but it completely changes the way the game is managed with pitching strategy, and hitting strategy. I understood why they did it due to covid, but this compressed schedule is of there (players and owners) own doing and now they should live with it. As the saying goes, you made your bed, now sleep in it!!
  17. WTF
    KFEY93 reacted to stringer bell in They’re baaaack! Ghost runners in extras.   
    MLB will have the ghost runner rule for extra innings again in 2022. It wasn’t stated whether the free base runner will be instituted for the tenth inning or whether in comes in play later in the game. 
    Also of note, 28 players will be on the active roster until May 1. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to bighat in Pain in the Back: Reviewing Carlos Correa's Injury History   
    Played 148 games last year and had 630ABs.
    From a Twins' fan perspective, that's not an "injury prone" player. We know what that phrase means, and Correa ain't it. He's going to play more games than Donaldson this year, I'm betting.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Dman in Pain in the Back: Reviewing Carlos Correa's Injury History   
    Backs can flair up at any time but the fact that he was healthy all last season and is under 30 I don't see it as a "huge" risk for what the Twins signed on for.  Remember any player can get hurt at any time and miss most of a season. Correa has a lot to play for this year so odds are he will be keeping himself in tip top shape and work to mitigate his injury risk. The potential downside of the Correa deal seem limited based on the opt outs and length of the deal IMO.
    I can see however, where that back issue coupled with the fact that he isn't exactly fast for the SS position had teams somewhat scared off doing a long term deal.  He wants up the middle money but it seems unlikely he will play there through the length of that contract. So he needs to stay healthy and have another good year to put those worries about him to rest.  
    Correa could still get seriously injured and this could end up a bad deal.  That is certainly one of the many potential outcomes but as a team\FO you take on risk with every contract from Dobnak to Buxton to Correa.  To field a good team you have to take on some risk.   Every team does. The Twins have an All-Star player very motivated to get a long term contact so I think this was a worthwhile risk for them to take.  Even if this deal does go sideways you can't blame the FO for being aggressive and trying to compete this year. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Richmond Dude in The Twins Have Their Shortstop; Another Starting Pitcher Next?   
    Thise of us who are Vikings fans have a phrase:  Just one before I die.
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    KFEY93 reacted to bighat in Breaking Down the Twins Signing Carlos Correa   
    He has redeemed himself.
    Correa hit 279/.366/.485 with a career-high 26 homers in 640 plate appearances this past season.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Drew in Sonny Gray Gives Twins a New Jose Berrios   
    Fantasy baseball traditionally uses Wins/Saves/ERA/WHIP/K. Saves wouldn't matter when ranking Gray and Berrios. So 25% of that ranking is based on expected Wins and would obviously tell a whole lot less of a story than the pretty articulate article we all presumably just read. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to twinstalker in Sonny Gray Gives Twins a New Jose Berrios   
    I think the idea was to extend the Berrios experience until new pitching comes along.  They saw a chance to trade one year of Berrios (for us, one year), get good prospect value, give up much less prospect value, and get two years of Berrios.  It's actually pretty brilliant, and I do believe this was very foreseeable for them in July, and I'm someone who's not all that thrilled with them in general.
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    KFEY93 reacted to chpettit19 in Sonny Gray Gives Twins a New Jose Berrios   
    If you're comparing/combining the trades it was Berrios and Petty for Gray, Martin, and SWR. Now I don't like the Gray trade if they aren't going out and adding more (Story and another pitcher) for this year as he doesn't add nearly enough to compete yet. But as a comparison of the trades the Twins came out with a similar ML pitcher with an extra year of control for cheap, a 5th overall pick, and a borderline top 100 prospect while giving up the ML pitcher with less control and a 26th overall pick. That's a win for the Twins in a vacuum.
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    KFEY93 reacted to GeorgiaBaller in Projecting the 2022 Twins Opening Day Roster: Version 2.0   
    Don't fall into the Twins rhetoric. 
    Don't write off past media guide points.
    The twins have two outfielders that are excellent.  If (big if) they stayed healthy all season, Buck and Kepler could shift enough to cover part of left and make up for the HUGE hole there.  Kirilloff and Larnach are bat assets---maybe 1B-- not outfielders.  Neither is quick or flexible enough to play OF in the majors.  Nick Gordon starting from scratch is a much better possibility for left because he is so much more athletic.   
    There is no depth!  We saw it all last year---if either Buck or Kepler are hurt, there are no backups ---they are all below WAR in the field.  Not only do you not have trade chips, you are razor thin.  
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