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    KFEY93 reacted to srlarson in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    They need to sit him down for a week to 10 days......
    Last night was  just one more reason.......has a terrible night at the plate, only getting on because Grossman is a subpar fielder....then in his oblivious state.....makes a terrible base running error...not once but twice.....watch the play.....going first to second.....then trying to push and go to third....this guys head is not in the game.....loads of talent..no discipline.......just want to slap him upside the head to wake him up......
    But bailed out by two terrible defensive plays....lucky our division cannot play defense.....
    cannot have your starting 1st baseman hitting under .100........time to sit him down.  
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    KFEY93 reacted to Riverbrian in Twins 5, Tigers 4: Wild Final Play Extends Win Streak to 5   
    Which Robbie Grossman was this? The 2018 Robbie Grossman that I remember playing for the Twins or the 2019 Robbie Grossman SABR defensive index fueled gold glove finalist for the Oakland A's. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to bighat in Twins 5, Tigers 4: Wild Final Play Extends Win Streak to 5   
    After watching the play again, I kinda disagree. I think Larnach should have scored easily. If you watch the replay, he's still heading back towards 2nd base when the ball is rolling around near the wall. Not to mention Grossman's arm is like a wet noodle.
    The Twins baserunning as a whole on that play was so awful that it confused the Tigers to the point of them throwing the ball away.
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    KFEY93 reacted to howeda7 in Twins 5, Tigers 4: Wild Final Play Extends Win Streak to 5   
    It's why you don't trade the closer on Opening Day. There's no moves left to make at that point. I don't hate that trade in December but I hate it when it under the circumstances. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Kipp35 in Is Byron Buxton Baseball's Best Player?   
    He is one of the best players in baseball for the 50-60 games he's plays each season. Do it for a full year (140-160) and we will return to this question. His talent is the reason the fans are SO frustrated, when he is so often injured.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Linus in Is Byron Buxton Baseball's Best Player?   
    I don’t care. He has to be healthy and just be Byron Buxton. The rest will take care of itself. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Blyleven2011 in Week in Review: Buck Is Back   
    Heroics ...
    Buxtons walk off homer  to sweep the series with white Sox was amazing  and a team momentum changer  ..... 
    Personally with 1 out and runners on 2nd and 3rd and Buxton batting with a open 1st base ,,, larussa  should have walked Buxton  because his run didn't  matter  and it set up a force out or possible double play  .... 
    Larussa got beat by Buxton  , plain and simple  .... 
    Buxton  and arreaz at top of order  for the rest of the season  ,, they get things going  ,
    Loved that game on Saturday when you couldn't keep those two off the bases ... reminded me o tovar and carew  days.....
    All the credit for Sundays walk off win goes to Buxton  ,,,
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    KFEY93 reacted to ToddlerHarmon in Week in Review: Buck Is Back   
    I can look at the percentile stats for Sano and explain his dismal performance without invoking bad luck:
    you only get three strikes.
    How's that for statistical analysis?
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    KFEY93 reacted to beterday in Week in Review: Buck Is Back   
    Another question needing an answer,  Why is Garlick being put in the outfield as a "defensive substitution"?  If Larnach can't become better than Garlick defensively, we've got nothin'.
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    KFEY93 got a reaction from Mark G in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    And where did that get the organization? More play off losses and crapping the bad where it matters most? At what point are MN sports fans going to stop being OK with mediocrity and stop doing things when they are not getting us to the goal? Whats that goal? Championships. Thats it, anything less is not good enough. Just being happy there is baseball is fine for 10 year old me, its not okay with almost 30 year old me, I expect results. If you are happy with how the team has been managed under Rocco, and think they are managing the team properly and that these are the results you want to see, fine, thats on you. I expect more. Also comparing the average persons day to day job to that of a professional athlete on a professional team making millions is not comparable. At all. Pay me $10 Million and I will travel with Kim Jon and Hitlers ghost around North Korea for 200 days a year. 
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    KFEY93 got a reaction from Aichiman in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    Agreed! Rocco and his nap squad need to take a hike. I could care less about club house chemistry and players liking the HC. I want W's. Ws make any locker room click regardless if the players like each other or not. I wonder how much chemistry and happiness is in the current locker room with the terrible record? Probably not a lot. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to denarded in Royals 2, Twins 0: Another Solid Pitching Performance Gets Wasted   
    What sucks is if the is 2021 redux. Out of contention by mid-May. If that's the case bring up the youths. Gotta shake something up, because 2 years of this signifies a problem. That starting pitching is not going to last.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Aggies7 in Royals 2, Twins 0: Another Solid Pitching Performance Gets Wasted   
    Someone please tell me our minor league system is full of really good hitters
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    KFEY93 reacted to darwin22 in Royals 2, Twins 0: Another Solid Pitching Performance Gets Wasted   
    Well.....if you ask Rocco I'm sure he's satisfied with tonight's final result. 
    Making this statement as the Twins achieved his recent stated goal for HIS team.
    "We're just trying to stay in games"
    Mission accomplished Rocco.  
    Take a bow.
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    KFEY93 reacted to LastOnePicked in Royals 2, Twins 0: Another Solid Pitching Performance Gets Wasted   
    Yup. Trouble is, you gotta win four straight series now - two weeks worth of games - just to get to .500. This team hasn't shown any capacity to even win a single series.
    Gonna be over before it even got started, unless someone can light a spark.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Vanimal46 in Royals 2, Twins 0: Another Solid Pitching Performance Gets Wasted   
    3rd time being shut out already. Hovering around .500 at the end of the month is starting to look like a pipe dream. This is not good at all. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Dave The Dastardly in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    Biggest mistake this FO ever made was going with Rocco instead of Dougie. Said it then, and it's proving itself to be true day after day. Might be one of the few times my opinion has been proven correct. That alone makes it noteworthy.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Blyleven2011 in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    We have the reinforcements prospects but they don't bring them up when we really need them  and give them the opportunity , 
    our front office quoted when they cleaned house and fired everyone in the system ( we have hired all top professionals at every position to turn this franchise into a winner )  , I keep waiting for those words to come to fruitation .
    They keep digging into their depth of dumpster divers  ... we want to see our talent ( FO draftees ) at the major league level  not somebody else's rejects ...
    The manager may be a players manager  but he simply does not take that talent and develop him into a better talent  ...  
    Baseball is baseball , hit , run and catch
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    KFEY93 reacted to PDX Twin in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    As far as I can see, the Twins have already established themselves as a non-competitive team this year. They were non-competitive last year. It's long past time to push some of the prospects, let them get a bit of experience and, perhaps, take some lumps. If necessary they can go back down. But there's just no excuse for running out mediocre re-treads regularly at positions where we have young players ready to give it a try.
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    KFEY93 reacted to baul0010 in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    Dumpster diving season is almost back in MN!  Goodbye winter.
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    KFEY93 reacted to LA VIkes Fan in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    I like the premise that these 3 guys are close. The question is - how close? We have some real holes in our lineup now. I don't expect that they're going to be calling these three guys up in the next month but I do think they are going to be opportunities by Midsummer. There really is an opportunity for right-handed hitting outfielder now since I don't think any of us believe that Garlick is even much of a short term stopgap, much less any sort of long-term solution. The early returns on Larnach aren't very good no matter how we try to dress up his poor performance based on his exit velocity and barrel rates. The bottom line is he was not good last year after a hot start and has not been good this year. Kirilloff is a complete wildcard given his wrist and what appeared to be associated issues that may be more psychological than physical, but still as real. This season is rapidly circling the drain. Can we turn it around over the next month? Absolutely. Is that likely given what we've seen to date? No.

    I'm wondering if maybe it wouldn't make sense to give either Maranda or Martin some run in the outfield or at 1B at the major-league level starting fairly soon. I think we have to keep Lewis playing shortstop because he is the one heir apparent once Correa leaves either through a midseason trade, the more likely route the way things are going, or at the end of the year. I disagree with the previous poster, I think we have seen enough to know that Sano and Kepler are not the answer. They're not hitting this year, they didn't hit last year, and they didn't hit the year before. I would be happy to bench or trade either one of them to make room if these guys are ready for their shot.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Nashvilletwin in Twins Have Important Reinforcements Close   
    Yep, couldn’t agree more. Outside of this team turning things around, the goal is to hope multiple players start to show more so that we can maximise trade deadline value. You correctly identified the right names. Some of those will be DFA’d if they can’t be moved.
    However, as this team transitions to a much younger squad, you’ve missed one important piece that also needs to change. That’s Rocco and his staff.  This team is going to need a head coach and position coaches who can develop young players to reach their potential. Rocco has not shown that with any young player yet. Fellow TDers please name one.  The sooner we bring in that type of coaching leadership, the more upside this franchise can have. Forget Kepler and Sano - their regression may be to difficult to turn around. Think Kiriloff, Larnach and Jeffers on the current team - those three still have potential and are begging for development. We need them to be solid major leaguers. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Azviking101 in Tyler Duffey's Dreadful Start Is Déjà Vu All Over Again   
    "But the Twins don't have the luxury of letting sentimentality affect their decision-making. Baldelli simply cannot stand idly by and let another season spin off the rails out of deference to a bad relief pitcher based on nothing more than stature and track record. He just can't."
    Does anyone really believe Rocco will make the right decision early? I don't. Duffey will ruin the season early just like Colome did. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to USAFChief in Royals 4, Twins 3: Duffey Implodes as Twins Waste Winnable Game   
    You really can't get a runner thrown out at home with no outs. The fact the top of the order was due up just adds to an already awful mistake. 
    The leaky bullpen isn't a surprise to me.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Aggies7 in Royals 4, Twins 3: Duffey Implodes as Twins Waste Winnable Game   
    I was wondering when the twins were going to finally start playing teams they can beat up on. I’m still wondering 
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