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    KFEY93 reacted to Rosterman in Orioles 5, Twins 3: Five Solo Shots Shatter Twins   
    Didn't someone say you can't hit home runs in Camden anymore?
    Well, you can sure ground into double plays. And three baserunners getting thrown out at an advancing base doesn't win you games.
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    KFEY93 reacted to cHawk in Orioles 5, Twins 3: Five Solo Shots Shatter Twins   
    We couldn’t win a series against the ****ing Orioles. Truly pathetic.
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    KFEY93 reacted to mikelink45 in Orioles 5, Twins 3: Five Solo Shots Shatter Twins   
    After all the optimism, it is up to the Twins to right the ship in a hurry.  This was a bad game and I know we are going to lose games, but these are the Orioles and they are the teams that we need to beat up on.
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    KFEY93 got a reaction from Hunter48 in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    Shout it from the Mountain Tops! All of this. Dudes a liability wherever he stands on the field. The leash they give him should be chocking him by this point. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to tony&rodney in Twins 7, Orioles 2: Twins stay hot behind Ryan, Bats   
    Ryan was impressive as he pitched through some weak contact that found holes. The Twins continue to be really good on defense. Urshela's error was an one where he could have held the ball but tried to make a spectacular play; no harm on the play as the batter was going to gain first anyway and was stranded. Correa made a phenomenal catch running into the outfield. His error was on a ball he tried to field too quickly because he wanted the runner at the plate running in from third base and that play wasn't going to be made anyway. 
    Good slashing double from Miranda and Celestino continues to look good. Oh, and Jeffers was impressive blocking the ball and crushing his HR. Buxton and Correa are clearly leading this team and the steady Polanco is right behind that pair to keep everyone calm.
    For those who were troubled by either Thielbar or Stashak, they both looked really good. The Twins are playing good baseball right now. Baltimore battled in almost every inning but the Twins fought hard too.
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    KFEY93 reacted to jimbo92107 in Twins 2, Orioles 1: Paddack, Bullpen Pitch Twins to Series-Opening Win    
    In a recent interview Baldelli mentioned that he was concerned about Paddack using a slider that Baldi wasn't aware he had mastered. He said he'd prefer that Paddack stuck to pitches in his official repertoire. 
    In this case, I disagree. Don't tell the young man not to throw his slider. Just tell him he's limited to three in the first game, then if results are positive, he can throw five in the next game, and so on. 
    See how Baltimore's hitters were blasting line drives off Paddack's heater? That's why the man would rather mix in a few sliders early on, rather than a lot of fastballs early. Besides, sliders are fun to throw.
    BTW, Joe Ryan should be taking notes from this game. Baltimore's hitters like to pounce on early fastballs. On the other hand, Ryan's fastballs miss bats...
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    KFEY93 reacted to terrydactyls in Twins 2, Orioles 1: Paddack, Bullpen Pitch Twins to Series-Opening Win    
    I saw what I think is the stupidest tweet I've seen (and I am not on the tweeter, I just saw it in a thread about the game).  It was commenting on a Jeffers at bat where he hit the ball with an over 100 exit velocity and a launch angle of 36 degrees.  The tweet made it sound like a tremendous at bat for Jeffers.  And then it ended with "and a fly out".  So Jeffers made an out but the tweeter was ecstatic about his advanced metrics.  Oh barf!!!  I would rather Jeffers got a Texas League single or a seeing eye dribbler through the infield than a fly out that meets advanced metric standards of excellence.  
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    KFEY93 reacted to Crackedfungo in Twins 2, Orioles 1: Paddack, Bullpen Pitch Twins to Series-Opening Win    
    That's why you don't wait until they have burned many bullets in the minors and growing gray whiskers before bringing them up (as was the case in the past)🙄
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    KFEY93 reacted to wsnydes in Twins 9, Rays 3: Winder Dominates in First Start, Twins Take Series from Rays   
    This is the type of team that I had hoped to see but didn't expect to see.  Hopefully this continues because this was a fun series.
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    KFEY93 reacted to CRF in The Numbers Behind Carlos Correa’s Slow Start   
    I don't think any of us should be worried about Correa. Not for one second. He's been starting to hit the last few games, and his defense is off the charts. We've got much bigger holes in the line up to worry about...Sano in particular, and Jeffers and Polanco to a lesser extent. I'm confident Polanco will turn it around. Kep is starting to come out of his slump a little bit now too. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to D.C Twins in Twins 9, Rays 1: Garlick Powers Twins to Win   
    Great win!
    But, for all of you that like to talk about Sano's average exit velocity.....
    just make sure you are factoring in the 0 mph for each of his Ks!
    That will help you understand why your advanced metrics fail the logic test
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    KFEY93 got a reaction from glunn in Twins 7, Tigers 1: Twins Complete Sweep, Correa Comes up Clutch   
    Is Duran hurt?? Hasn't thrown in 4 days? Not that we didnt need him today but would like to at least warm up the arm a bit. 
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    KFEY93 got a reaction from Monticore in Twins 7, Tigers 1: Twins Complete Sweep, Correa Comes up Clutch   
    Is Duran hurt?? Hasn't thrown in 4 days? Not that we didnt need him today but would like to at least warm up the arm a bit. 
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    KFEY93 got a reaction from Dman in Twins 5, Tigers 0: Minnesota Extends Winning Streak With Another Great Ryan Start   
    Im still holding my breath and waiting until its sunny and 75+ on a consistent basis at the ball park before I feel comfortable with anyone in the starting rotation other than Ryan. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to wabene in Twins 5, Tigers 0: Minnesota Extends Winning Streak With Another Great Ryan Start   
    Is Popkins a bat whisperer? Both Jeffers and Kepler were swinging inside out and going opo. That is great to see. Kepler goes one short and one full season banging his bat against a wall before making adjustments? This new approach seems like a no brainer, but whatever better late than never.
    Then you have Paddack saying he realized last off-season that he needed a third pitch. Huh? Hey big guy great idea! Whatever I'll take it. This FO and coaching staff took a whole lot of heat last year. Developing your talent is primary. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to terrydactyls in Twins 5, Tigers 0: Minnesota Extends Winning Streak With Another Great Ryan Start   
    I don't think Tampa Bay will ever try to make a trade with the Twins again.
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    KFEY93 reacted to DJL44 in Roster Downsize: Which Twins Hitters Could Be Sent Back Down in a Week?   
    3 catchers is dumb. Either play Gary Sanchez and send down Godoy or put Sanchez on the IL and keep Godoy.
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    KFEY93 reacted to rv78 in Are the Twins Playing It Too Safe with April Rest Days?   
    How do you put a value on rest verses consistant playing time? Would the players benefit more from playing every day and getting consistant at bats to get their timing down by seeing more pitches? Having fresh players at the end of the season has done nothing for their post season games. With all the rest they have been getting have the injuries went away? As a Manager you should establish a starting lineup and stick with it every day with only 2 exceptions... 1. Injury and, 2. If a player tells you he needs a day off. The manager doesn't know how tired you are, only you do. If you have a guy that can't hit a lefty pitcher or a righty pitcher and you need to platoon them then they should be replaced entirely or on the bench. I understand there is more than just playing the game each day but c'mon, the games last roughly 3 hours and most of the time these guys are standing on the field waiting for the ball to be put in play or sitting on the bench waiting to get up to bat. I've worked 8-5 jobs that would put most of these guys in a wheelchair if they are getting tired playing ball. For being superb atheletes these guys are wimps if they can't play every day. It's not like they don't have scheduled off days for rest. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to Whitey333 in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    Sano always goes through this.  Pretty soon he will be hot for a week or two then go back to his normal ways.  He is just playing himself off the Twins at end of season.  No way Twins should pick up his option this off season.  Whatever happened to the "eye test"? You can tell he's been awful by watching his plate appearances.  He looks lost.  He is basically an automatic out in the batting order.  He's hitting .083 and still strikes out way too much.  He will come out of it I hope but it just goes to show what kind of " stats" one can find to make a bad hitter look good.  Hitting in bad luck, oh please. When he hits a hot streak then everything will be forgotten until he goes cold again.  He needs a change of scenery to get his career going again.  It's obvious the manager and coaches can't fix him.
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    KFEY93 reacted to TopGunn#22 in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    I, as a fan, have cut Sano about as much "slack" as I am able.  Lost at the plate.  Bailed out of a base running blunder by a T-Ball looking end of the game throw-around by the Tigers.  You can't trade him for anything right now.  But if Kirilloff proves himself healthy and ready to go soon, I play him at 1B and sit Sano for a week or two.  He can get plenty of work in at the batting cages under the stadium.  Send someone to check on him every other day or so.  
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    KFEY93 reacted to MinnInPa in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    he's a rally killer with his constant K's. last nite..1st two batters on..takes called strike 3. He just can't pick up pitches.... this will be his last year as a Twin.  So many twins with 30% K rate..sickening and Boooooring. Hopefully the next wave of players....Miranda....Martin...Lewis..Kiriloff.. etc will come up and lessen the K's...and push the next K machine.. Larnach ...to the bench
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    KFEY93 reacted to rv78 in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    Talk about bad luck. If the Tigers would have had a good rightfielder in the game Sano's hit would have been another out and the Twins lose. Bad luck for the Tigers. We've seen Robbie Grossman play defense and he doesn't belong on the field. All of the numbers you throw out about exit velocity and hard hit rate only mean to me that he is the same ol' Sano and won't ever be a good hitter except for those 2 or 3 weeks when he finds a good luck streak and can raise his batting average to .190. Are we to expect Sano to get off to a good start, ever? Do the games in April mean nothing? He has struck out in his career at a rate higher than anyone ever has in the history of the game. I've watched him so many times swing at pitches he shouldn't and watch pitches go by that he should swing at that I can't stand to watch him bat anymore. His approach at the plate is almost exactly opposite of what it should be. Let's face the facts, he's always been an average to poor hitter regardless of how hard he hits the ball and that is what he is. If he hasn't changed by now he never will. I say good riddance and the sooner the better.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Blyleven2011 in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    I like your optimism that sano outlook is sky high ,,, 
    With few comments  already posted you are the minority  for cutting sano any slack ...
    Sano is completely lost as a batter , base runner and a fielder ... not to mention confidence  ....
    His concentration  on the game sucks ,,, plain and simple  ....
    When they get paid the kind of money they do there is no cutting them any slack because they are suppose to be professionals  that are playing a kids game  ....
    Baseball is hard , round ball hit by a round bat  , but the rules of the game are simple  , execute  , execute  and execute  , adjustments  , adjustments and adjustments  
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    KFEY93 reacted to Otaknam in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    Stow the “advanced metrics” on Sano. He is lost at the plate AGAIN. And he will be lost again and again this season while mixing in a hot week here and there to give his apologists hope. That’s who he is, an all or nothing guy. The Twins just have to decide if they can keep tolerating it or if they have a replacement who is better. 
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    KFEY93 reacted to GNess in Let's Cut Miguel Sanó Some Slack   
    His value is partly tied to his past track record of power and the ability to hit home runs. So far he has one.
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