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    KFEY93 reacted to Doc Munson in I choose to see the Twins Roster Half Full   
    And now I am reading memo's that say the increased pitching rosters will remain in effect until the END of May. Citing  "player safety" in order to help "monitor players health".  SO pretty much just as I figured, just the next step in babying the players. In the generation of players training year round do we REALLY need to "protect" players from injury??  When they already throw 1/2 the innings and 1/3 the pitches of pitchers from previous eras?
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    KFEY93 reacted to mlhouse in What's wrong with Nick's column   
    Survey data.   Who cares.
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    KFEY93 reacted to TFRazor in What's wrong with Nick's column   
    You're response to America is a pretty good place is an article which says the wine is kind of crap and it's more fun to travel with another person? It even says Qatar is a better place to start a business. Do you think that is also true for a woman or someone in the LGBT community? Qatar may not, but a couple of countries around there have a fun game where they toss gay people off of buildings. Totally where I'm going to start my own pizzeria. They also only asked 20,000 people across the globe. Current global population is 7.8 billion. That's means they asked .00025641% of the global population what the best country is. Sorry, that article and study itself isn't worth the server space it is currently taking up.
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    KFEY93 reacted to woolywoolhouse in What's wrong with Nick's column   
    "We live in the greatest country on earth."
    I love my country, but statistics just say that isn't true and in many cases it is not close. Here are some rankings to check out from a 2019 study/ranking published in US News & World Report that ranked 80 countries in 75 different metrics (from a survey of 20,000 across the globe) https://www.newsweek.com/worlds-best-countries-us-not-top-five-1300813:
    Perceptions of Trustworthiness by other countries - 27
    Healthcare - 10
    Food - 11
    Wine - 7
    Citizenship - 16
    Quality of Life - 17
    Ranked outside of top 20 in: Heritage; Best Countries for Solo Travel; Best Countries to Invest in; Best Countries for a comfortable retirement; Best Countries to start a career.
    The only things the USA ranked one in are military strength (of course, when your military budget equals that of the next seven total, it should probably be good); and number of citizens in prison. 
    It's important to have pride in your country, but the statistics show the United States of America has a lot of room for improvement.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Otwins in What's wrong with Nick's column   
    Very well thought through. I had several of those thoughts as I read through Nick's article. I am just hoping that politics stays out of the Twins Daily site. One reason I enjoy this sight is that it usually sticks to baseball.  
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    KFEY93 reacted to adorduan in Is The Twins FO Actually Mad They Are Good?   
    I don't see Rooker being nearly as productive as Cron hitting or fielding.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Vanimal46 in Is The Twins FO Actually Mad They Are Good?   
    Cron is arbitration eligible again for 2020. If he keeps up this production it should be a no brainer to tender him.
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    KFEY93 reacted to Vanimal46 in Is The Twins FO Actually Mad They Are Good?   
    Mad is certainly not the correct term... If they were mad about having success they shouldn't be running a baseball team.
    This is what "financial flexibility" looks like in real life. 5-6 players on the 25 man with expiring contracts and the freedom to move on as needed.
    I don't think the plan was to trade Schoop by the trade deadline. He is simply a one year stop gap while they wait for Gordon/Arraez/any other MI prospect to show they're ready for MLB action.
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    KFEY93 reacted to diehardtwinsfan in Could the Twins be the new 2015 Royals?   
    This is probably 2 articles. Very nice...  
    Also, you should throw a blog up about your journey into baseball and where you're from. I personally would be interested in knowing how you became a Twins fan. 
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