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    Heiny reacted to Dman in Rocco getting animated in post game presser warning, vulgar language   
    So given what MLB said about this their quibble appears to be that Sanchez set up in foul territory without the ball. Even though by the time the runner got to the plate he left a very clear lane for the runner until he had the ball where he then came back over the plate. 
    So unless the rule reads a catcher cannot setup in foul territory at all with a runner on third I guess I don't get their logic.  The replay clearly shows he left a lane at the end when he caught the ball and then when he had the ball he stayed in front of the plate.  The runner made no effort to move the side but directly initiated contact and that is how they want to call it?  They are essentially negating the rule they put in place to protect the players.  Even the runner acknowledges he TRIED to initiate contact since he knew he was out to try and get the call.  New York messed this up.  Rocco is right this was just an embarrassment on a lot of levels.  They should have let the call stand like they have on 99.9 percent of these this year.
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    Heiny reacted to Johnny Ringo in Rocco getting animated in post game presser warning, vulgar language   
    Replays are supposed to be used to overturn calls on the field that are clearly wrong.
    That principle was egregiously violated here.
    There is a lot of gray in the world. But not here. Rocco is 100% right and NY is 100% wrong. I am sure that his passion on this point plays just fine in the clubhouse.   
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    Heiny reacted to USAFChief in Rocco getting animated in post game presser warning, vulgar language   
    The easy fix is to change the rule, so we don't have umps on the field OR off trying to interpret a poorly written bad idea and make a pure judgement call instead of easily defined, incontrovertable safe or out like it was for a century and a half, and still should be. Demand the runner slide, and be done with it.
    There are collisions at 2nd base all the time. Infielders block 2nd and 3rd with their leg. All the time. Yet we don't have some poorly written rules regulating that. For good reason.
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    Heiny reacted to LVTwinsfan in Rocco getting animated in post game presser warning, vulgar language   
    Micromanaging replays has always been my fear about replay reviews. They ruined a great play, one of the most exciting plays in baseball, and by doing that ruined the game. 
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    Heiny reacted to CRF in Rocco getting animated in post game presser warning, vulgar language   
    It's so out of character for him to go off like he did. Both on the field when the play happened, and with his comments. We've NEVER seen him do anything even remotely like that since he got the job. It's so out there...it's hard for me to process. I do like that he finally showed some fire in his belly. I like the emotion and anger. I think we need to see more of that from him. Whether or not there was an ulterior motive to get the team fired up, or if it was his honest anger about the play...who knows. No doubt the call reversal was total B.S. I'm sure he'll get fined and probably a small suspension for the comments. We'll see if the whole thing lights a fire under the team. I sure hope so. 
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    Heiny reacted to Battle ur tail off in Rocco getting animated in post game presser warning, vulgar language   
    Couldn’t play any better for me as a fan anyway. If that is my coach too I am more in his corner than ever knowing that he has some fight in him for his team and isn’t just a wet blanket. 

    Do we think Gardy would have just rolled over on a call like that? Do you think any manager would? To me, I think he almost HAD to react that way, and I am glad he did. 
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    Heiny reacted to stringer bell in Twins 7, Blue Jays 3: Total Team Effort Gives Twins a Win   
    Cave is true tweener, stretched as a center fielder, not enough offense to be a regular corner OF. He reputedly works hard and he plays hard and hustles. Perk and Morneau made some references to having a better approach at the plate and he is healthy. He wasn’t a good fit with many LH corner OFs on the team, but he’s stayed available and now has a chance to stay in the majors. Good on Jake!
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    Heiny reacted to Monticore in Twins 7, Blue Jays 3: Total Team Effort Gives Twins a Win   
    Good to see Leon lay down that bunt.
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    Heiny reacted to USAFChief in Minor League Report (8/4): Brooks Lee Debuts in Twins' System   
    Great. Just great. Lee hitting only .250 with no power, and STILL unable to progress to higher levels.
    Looking like another wasted top draft pick!!1!
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    Heiny reacted to TwinsDr2021 in Blue Jays 9, Twins 3: Blue Jays Crush Twins   
    The way I look at it is if you are going to use 4 relief pitchers (at minimum) every game, one is bound to be bad almost every night, so if three suck one night, the twins should be good for another game or two before another one blows up.
    Also I cant imagine why teams didn't think of limiting a starter to 5 innings and using 4 relief pitchers to end a game way before the last few years, it seems like a wonderful formula. </s>
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    Heiny reacted to Danchat in Blue Jays 9, Twins 3: Blue Jays Crush Twins   
    Sorry folks, the bullpen is not a strength. You can't hide 3 guys on a consistent basis. Yes, I don't agree with bringing Pagan in during the 6th inning in a 1-0 game, you can put that on Rocco. But he also can't use his best arms in every game, so using the likes of Megill and Duffey in this one were unavoidable. The coaching staff has got to figure out how to get some of these arms in the minors working in the majors or we're going to keep seeing the backend of our pen getting wrecked often. 
    Feels like this might be it for Duffey's career as a Twin, or at least it should be. It was a good run, but it's time to move on. Pagan will probably get more chances because he's this year's Colome, but at some point you have to realize that he's been one of the worst relievers in baseball for the past 5-6 months of baseball and move on. You can only wait for the positive regression for so long.
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    Heiny reacted to beterday in Blue Jays 9, Twins 3: Blue Jays Crush Twins   
    Bullpen is not "a clear strength" as long as you keep pitching the same people who lost all the games before the trade deadline.  Duffy and Pagan need  to NOT be used under any circumstances.
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    Heiny reacted to USAFChief in Blue Jays 9, Twins 3: Blue Jays Crush Twins   
    I believe that's the 9th consecutive game in which the Twins starter did not see the 6th inning. I realize baseball has changed, but I think management needs to reassess their plan in the future.
    Also...Duffey has nothing. Why do they expect things to change. It's been chuck and duck all season.
    Also, I realize injuries have piled up, but the lineup is pretty weak. Not sure what can be done about that. It'd help if Buxton, Arraez, Correa and Polanco stepped up and carried the offense for a change. 
    I don't think Polanco has driven in a run since the Trump administration. 
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    Heiny reacted to Whitey333 in Tyler Mahle, Game One Starter   
    Interesting discussion.  I think Mahle will be just fine.  What is almost amusing is the assumption the Twins will even make the playoffs.  They haven't been playing like a first place team for 2 months.  Lots of injuries and our top offensive players have gone into hiding.  The great Correa, he of the 35mil (money that could have been used to get some good pitching) has been missing in action for several weeks.  As I have been saying since the season started.  What will stop this team is the 5 inning starters and using 4 relievers nightly, and a manager that relies on his computer analytics and avoid common sense managing too much.  Rocco in the end will be the downfall of this team this year.
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    Heiny reacted to IndianaTwin in Tyler Mahle, Game One Starter   
    (Any excuse to use this is good enough for me, but it does seem a bit early for the discussion.)
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    Heiny reacted to Squirrel in Tyler Mahle, Game One Starter   
    Yeah, agree ... me thinks we are getting ahead of ourselves just a tad ... 
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    Heiny reacted to Dave The Dastardly in Once a Glaring Weakness, Twins' Bullpen Is Now a Clear Strength   
    I'm assuming your issues as stated are directed at TD posters in general and not me in particular as I did not mention Rocco in this post at all, only baseball managers in general.
    Secondly, it's my understanding TD is a board for Twins fans to share their likes and dislikes, their ideas, their opinions and frustrations regarding the Twins in particular and baseball in general. Therefore I don't think it fair to categorize differing opinions and ideas as  "complaints" as if they should be automatically dismissed as niggling and not worthy of consideration.
    Yes, the game has changed, but a number of fans don't like the way it's changed. Perhaps that's one of the reasons behind baseball's declining fan base. Can anyone of us change the trends? Probably not. Do we have to like all the changes in order to remain fans? No, we don't. Can we still express our dislikes and still be considered baseball fans? I should hope so. If not, I suspect there is no reason for TD and like platforms to continue to exist.
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    Heiny reacted to Steve Lein in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    I don't know. Noelvi Marte was probably the highest rated prospect that got moved (can argue Hassell, but Gore and Abrams have graduated), and Edwin Arroyo is a top 100 guy too.
    The similar deal from the Twins would have been Royce Lewis and Spencer Steer, and then SWR/Povich/Hajjar/etc... and another high-upside pitcher. Is that the deal you wanted to make, or is what they actually did way better than that? I'm the latter by a longshot.
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    Heiny reacted to Thebigalguy in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    Good analysis, good comments: thanks. I agree that Baldelli isn't the best at handling his pitching staff, especially now that he no longer has a premier pitching coach for collaboration. Last night it made no sense to remove Ryan after five innings with his pitch count unless there's something wrong with Ryan, though maybe Baldelli  wanted to try out the new tools in his toolbox. The Guardians are only a game behind, and the Sox are still very much in the mix, so we'll see how it plays when the Twins play those two teams; so far, aren't they, like, 2-10? I expect the bullpen now to have a much better save percentage; without all the blown saves, the Twins would be running away with the division. As for the lost prospects, one never knows down the line how they'll perform for sure until they reach the bigs. The Twins have an opportunity now to get into the playoffs and win a series, however dim their chances to get past the Yanks or Astros, and the 40 man roster can only protect so many players when so many young prospects are now with the Twins and proving they belong.  So yeah, plaudits to the FO. They did what they had to do and what almost every Twins fan thought they had to do.
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    Heiny reacted to Bigfork Twins Guy in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    I really like what they did.  I love that it was not just one-year rentals (except Fulmer) but players we have controlled at least into next year.  Yeah, we paid more for them but the alternative for one-year rentals is to have to replace them in the off season and we have not been big players in the FA market.
    I hope that they work to extend all three pitchers if they perform during the second half of the season.
    I like the catcher move as we needed something to fill the gap for the short-term, although they do need to look harder at that position long-term.
    This deadline was refreshing and kudos to the FO.  They really did the best that they could with what they had.  Now, let's go win the division.
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    Heiny reacted to laloesch in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    I agree.  The Twins definitely DID NOT get outmaneuvered by Seattle for Castillo.  Seattle gave up A LOT to get him.
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    Heiny reacted to Jack Griffin in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    Twins did not have the prospect capital Seattle had to complete that deal, They gave up multiple top 100 prospects+. They gave up a lot for him, It definitely was not being "out maneuvered"
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    Heiny reacted to jmlease1 in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    I'm really very pleased with the team's moves at the deadline. I like prospects as much as anyone, and I love it when guys matriculate through the system to MLB (it's a personal preference that i enjoy getting to know a player as a player and see them and follow them as one of "our guys" for longer periods of time as opposed to churn and burn, especially at the MLB level). But we made what look like a lot of smart choices to fill immediate needs that also support the club's ambitions going forward as well, as if you're going to move prospects I'd much prefer they not be spent too much on pure rentals.
    Regarding the guys being brought in, in order of least to most impact (IMHO):
    Leon. as a backup catcher I don't see this as being a significant impact move and if Jeffers is ready to come back in a month he probably goes away, but as insurance against Jeffers not being ready to return, he's fine. We gave up little.
    Fulmer. Haven't been impressed with him lately, but he's a reasonable set-up option who wasn't too expensive and we've had a lot of...volatility in the bullpen. If he can take Duffey's role, then it's a solid move, and again it didn't cost much
    Lopez. I think this is going to pay off very well. He's a power arm that fills a major need and is under team control through 2024. Pairing him with Duran should help shorten up the end of games, and there's real reason to believe that his success this season is real and not fluky. (I expect some regression, because he's been so elite, but even then he's terrific) We gave up some talent to get him, but it doesn't feel like an overpay to me, especially considering all the variance with low minors pitching.
    Mahle. A great acquisition that fits the rotation immediately and looks great for 2023 as well. We gave up significant assets for him, but he's a really significant asset all by himself, and I feel a lot better about a rotation that is headed by Gray, Mahle, & Ryan than trying to count on Bundy/Archer/Smeltzer/Sands/Winder to fill a 3rd slot, especially with Ober not returning soon. The 2023 rotation is already much stronger: Gray, Mahle, Ryan, Maeda and Sands/Smeltzer/Winder et al fighting for the 5th slot? Better.
    Who we gave up: I like Hajjar & Povich as pitching prospects, but a lot of things can go wrong for guys between A-ball and MLB (hi, Jordan Balazovic). they've had good results so far, but if Big Ten pitchers can't come in and kick some butt against A-ball guys out the gate, then they're in real trouble from the jump. That's seniors vs sophomores stuff.
    Cano is 28 and is so wild he couldn't consistently crack the twins bullpen this season, and his AAA results this year are likely SSS. The other two kids we gave up are lottery tickets.
    We gave up surer things in Steer & CES, but we dealt from areas of depth there. Steer has faded a bit since coming up to AAA, and while I think he'll be a MLB contributor, it's more likely that he's going to be a useful utility bat then a quality starter, and was unlikely to find much opportunity in MN. He may have been our #6 prospect here, but I kind of feel like we sold high on him. CES is the one that hurts the most, because I think he might be a special hitter, but again: you have to give to get, and we got a known quality MLB starter in that package. CES is a pretty bad defender and seems destined for 1B, and while I think his bat will play there, it's also one of the easier positions to fill and you really need to hit there to be a success. I love his bat and the twins did a great job developing him, but we needed the pitching. Beyond that, we just added Brooks Lee as a guy who will likely jump in quickly, so again: we're dealing from strength here.
    It's exciting that we addressed so many needs without eating up many of our top ten prospects. I feel like these deals show the depth of our system and how there might not have been a lot of difference between #6 and #16. We also showed that we can develop players who aren't first-round picks and turn them into quality prospects; that ability will be critical to maintaining a talent pipeline, but shows this regime is doing some good work in drafting. It is really odd how we stripped the 2021 draft for MLB players in trades, but also shows that maybe we drafted really well that year.
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    Heiny reacted to Mortimerkenny21 in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    I totally agree with this! It's exciting now and is going to be fun to watch this year. But 2023 could really be an exciting year if this is how the stars line up! It was refreshing to see moves being made, and the exact moves that every Twins has been screaming for every time the bullpen blows a lead!
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    Heiny reacted to tony&rodney in Roundtable: How Do You Feel about the Twins Deadline Day Deals?   
    I'm totally flummoxed by any post that even mentions/suggests a trade of Carlos Correa. Maybe those who do so follow the games electronically and pore over statistics. If you watch the games you wouldn't even consider the idea.
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