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    Heiny reacted to Longdistancetwins in The Man, The Beard, The Legend: Jake Cave.   
    I appreciate a Cave appreciation!  Thanks.
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    Heiny reacted to Strombomb in Let's Realign the Divisions to Create Regional Rivalries   
    I am a die-hard, tried-and-true Twins fan forever. This season is proof.
    That being said, I prefer to watch National League ball. I like small-ball, with the bunting, stealing, pinch hitting and batting, all the strategy and tactics, etc.
    Can we please, please, please, not have a universal DH? I thoughouly enjoy having a differentiation of styles and 2 leagues. It is history. It is competition; it is rivalry in itself (World Series and All-star game and inter-league play). 
    If people want to modernize baseball, the first thing I am in favor of is an electronic strike zone. 
    Sorry if this is off topic. I should probably start my own post for this. 
    I do appreciate your love for rivalry though. Keep fantasizing!
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    Heiny reacted to Shaitan in Alex Kirilloff Is Headed Towards an Unfortunate Conclusion   
    He's obviously injury prone. Cut/trade him.
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    Heiny reacted to TopGunn#22 in The Twins Want a New Shortstop?   
    I like where you're going with this TonyO&RodneyCline.  
    It's going to take a LOT to get Story, but I don't think any team makes a move for him unless they would have "conversations" around signing him for 3-5 years.
    I'm not worried about the Coors effect at all.  DJ & Larry Walker hit just fine outside of Coors.
    The Rockies are not contending this year or the next.  But they still need to give people a reason to watch their games, whether in person or at home on TV.  
    Their catching is abysmal.  They have no 1B-man.
    Sano, Garver, Larnach and Enlow for Story and Marquez.  The Rox can absorb Sano's $11 million and their fans will marvel at his Bombs.
    I hate to give up Larnach, but yah gotta give a little to get a little.  Larnach will be a player Colorado can build around.  Garver gives them the power hitting catcher they've never had.  And Enlow could be a key rotation piece.
    The Twins get a SS they can build the team around.  A Gold Glove/Silver Slugger.  Story would be their BEST player.
    Marquez is 25 years old and would be a rotation mainstay for years.  He'd be pretty good AWAY from Coors and would be insurance if they decide to move away from Berrios.
    I don't want the Twins to "move" Arraez.  Rocco doesn't "run" with his team much.
    Arraez gets on base at a .400 clip.  Put him at the top of the order and watch him score 100 runs for years.
    But if Polanco plays 2B does Arraez become an often used "utility" guy? able to play 2B, 3B & LF ?   
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    Heiny got a reaction from mikelink45 in The Best Twin Right Fielder   
    I will have to disagree with this statement.  I see Kirby as overwhelming in Center. Rod Carew at second base and First base. And Joe at catcher. But that's my opinion.
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