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  1. Ok...what's up. Only person that calls me cute is my wife.
  2. I thought it was a worthwhile effort adding him. I also believe many blame him for last year and see our winning record this year. He is not the only person missing from the clubhouse this year. I've stated before how our record improved after trading Berrios and Cruz. Sometimes teams don't gell. But not realistic to blame just one person.
  3. He can't possibly be the worst signing if he was able to be traded for useful assets....as you stated. We've had worse signings
  4. By the way, I loved the trade and thought we improved this year obviously. However it's because we added other players. If anything as I've stated before what's your understanding of why we improved after trading Cruz? I just don't like and will stand up to people that like to label players or people in such a negative light. You do understand cancer is a really bad medical term. To compare a player to that WILL not sit well with me
  5. I also once fired somebody because they didn't take there responsibility seriously. I have been able to get more out of people you term" abrasive". Just because you personally do not like his style does not mean he is not an asset. My point is he is NOT the monster under your bed whom caused us to lose last year. I hope you can at least understand that.
  6. Oh, ok. Makes no sence but hey some think the earth is flat...so right on.
  7. Well said and overlooked. So many on here like to kick him because he hated losing. Don't understand how many have blamed for last years mess. It's like posters read other comments and just say oh...that makes sence. Or I read it somewhere so it bust be true. Lol
  8. So if we were to add Donaldson in some hypothetical addition, we would not be as good or much worse? Trying to understand this.
  9. We also got rid of Berrios and Cruz. Our record improved after those trades. See what I did there? Also yankees got better by adding Donaldson. This addition and subtraction doesn't equal out.
  10. Great call out to Austin Shulfer. A terrific young man and seems to be putting it together since being moved to a bullpen and closer role.
  11. Arrow pointing up all read. Enjoying the ride! This is our year to make some noise. If you cant be optimistic at this point...I don't know what would.
  12. Congratulations. Great news for this young man. Thanks Ted for the info.
  13. Well I hope you don't know him intimately. But even if you do, no real need to call him a cancer...or anybody else for that matter. Now as for douchey....... I wonder what his opinion would be of you...ya know... Asking for a friend.
  14. Man...I know this much. It really stinks to read such negative takes on Donaldson for his time here. I mean calling him a cancer? Really? Posted by people that never had an opportunity to meet him, get to talk to him or have ANY credible resources. His teammates respect him and dissagree with your opinion But you must be right @wilfong86 and many others. Does this make you feel better about yourself?
  15. Trading CC for a young minor league pitcher does not improve the team this year. On top of that, have you watched his defense this year? A true spectacle. How many games has Lewis played at the major league level? Few good games and you wish to trade Carlos?
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