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  1. Yes, all good. From the players and coaches I have spoke with, they do not pay for the dorms in Fort Myers, as stated. I guess I miss read, that you said they did pay..
  2. Yes this is fact, I've had the opportunity to meet many host families. That's why I questioned your original post. There seems to be alot of misinformation on here sometimes....unfortunately..
  3. Are you positive it's not free in Fort Myers? I was told by a few players the dorms at the facility were free. With they should be.
  4. Yes they are having instructs camp this year. I truly hope your broken heart has healed buddy.
  5. I honestly believe our best options for relievers is to develop them in house. I'd rather trade for, or pay for top end starters. But so many good closers/relievers are converted or non successful starters. We have witnessed this from our own team in the past few years. Maybe a couple of our minor league starters whom can not handle a full seasons workload could become high end relievers soon.
  6. Why are we targeting staters who had averaged 2-3.5 fwar in 2020? Then you say to exclude the 2020 season of DeSclafini? Not sure if it's a typo?
  7. Thankyou for all the info Seth. Always looking forward to your insights to our future Twins hopefuls and players.
  8. True, but.....how many long term successful starters are there that have his type of velocity and control in this day and age?
  9. I'm sorry to have offended you. Understand I am speaking statically. I'm sure they are fine people and players. There are sooo many things in this world to have a pained heart. Me not wanting them on the Twins should be much further down your list. Keep your chin up my friend.
  10. Brandon, why would you up it to a 45 man roster, to keep Albers, Farrel, and the like? Just to keep low ceiling players? Please nooo.
  11. Definitely undo hope my friend. None of those should be retained in my opinion. Especially just to keep as a coach. This is roster scraps. None of these players should be on a major league roster or even a 40 man. Not sure we're the value is that you speak of?
  12. I would never treat a metric which has this as 14 % above average.
  13. In what world is a slash line of 206/294/413....14% above average? Wow, if that line is 14% above average, what the heck would below average look like.
  14. Making adjustments is key in this game. Some will, some can't or won't. Kudos he chose to and was able to.
  15. I believe he will get more guaranteed as A FA was my point. And I'm saying we will have to wait and see, but yes he will.
  16. We will agree to disagree. That offer has no, absolutely 0 percent chance. He can get guaranteed money as a FA. I guess we shall see.
  17. He will get 20 mil plus for at least 5 years on open market. With guys on here wanting to give him a 45 mil contract, It would be better to just say you don't want him...and that's ok. But 45 million? C'mon.
  18. He doesn't want incentives...it's guarantees he will be looking for
  19. I truly can not believe this is a discussion. I guess we all have our opinions, and mine is, ridiculous.
  20. Great article. One question I would like to ask is....do pitchers have any or alot of input into there pitch and or inning limits? Just curious if it's completely a organizational decision or 60/40, 80/20 as far as limits.
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