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    One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.
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    Thanks for this information. My hope is that Sano is suspended only if the evidence (including witnesses, if any) proves assault. If there's a pattern of such behavior (anybody know?), that would be taken into account, since obviously this isn't a court of law. These men have to learn that the world isn't their oyster, but nobody should be railroaded to make a point or protect MLB's reputation based on an allegation made two years after the alleged incident. At the time, the alleged victim didn't report it. We all know there can be good reasons for not doing so - shock, access, the amount of time it might have taken to understand the gravity of what happened and process it, the later advent of #metoo and thus society's willingness to listen - but the fact that it wasn't reported at the time, and thus police didn't investigate, must also be taken into account. Those are my thoughts.
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