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    Nine of twelve reacted to DJL44 in 75 RBI or 75 RBIs?   
    The singular and the plural are both RBI. It is Runs Batted In, not Run Batted Ins
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    Nine of twelve reacted to Seth Stohs in A heavyweight name weighs in on Twins FO and organization   
    It's an absolutely ridiculous tweet. Makes no sense. Viola has no idea. He's had nothing to do wit with the organization for like 30 years. He's been whining about the Twins since they hired someone else to be their pitching coach (clearly a good decision). So what he says doesn't confirm anything. What's his purpose in the tweet? Who is he upset at? Falvey because he didn't hire him?
    Not baseball people? Falvey has been around the game for a long time. Played in college, scouted, worked in a variety of front office roles. Levine was the assistant GM of a couple of World Series teams in Texas. He's also been in a variety of roles. Rocco Baldelli has done pretty much everything in the game over the past 20+ years. 
    The team has won. This year, the pitching and the injuries just became too much. 
    The previous front office hadn't won for a long time either. The player development at that time was a big question mark. And, frankly, Viola was part of the 1987 and 1988 teams that won, but he was also part of the 1982-1986 teams that lost a lot of games with 'baseball people." 
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    Nine of twelve got a reaction from blindeke in Let's Realign the Divisions to Create Regional Rivalries   
    Once the universal DH comes to pass, which is just a matter of time, there is no reason to maintain separation between the AL and NL. However, considering (re)alignment, which teams are in which divisions is not a very important matter. (IMHO, of course.) Find a reasonably simple and equitable regular season schedule in terms of who plays whom and where, find a reasonably simple and equitable formula for qualifying for the postseason, find a reasonably simple and equitable postseason format, and go.
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    Nine of twelve reacted to Squirrel in Who Owned Whom? Notable Opposing Players Versus Twins Greats   
    Fun and interesting read! Thanks!
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    Nine of twelve got a reaction from bighat in Could Jake Cave Bite into Eddie Rosario’s Playing Time (This Year and Beyond)?   
    I think just about every manager in the majors would like to have four starting-caliber outfielders. If playing time is spread out evenly each one still starts 3 out of 4 games. In the case of the Twins' top four the most significant on-field problem is that Buxton is the only one who bats right-handed.
    But...looking at this problem from the general manager's perspective is different. Your team always has one good outfielder not playing. A GM would want to trade from a position of strength to address a position of weakness. The difficult part is finding a team who wants and needs an outfielder and is willing to give up (presumably) a good pitcher in exchange. Easier said than done. In the meantime, we have to put up with having one of the best outfield corps in the game.
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    Nine of twelve got a reaction from mikelink45 in The Best Centerfielder in Twins history   
    1974: Lew Ford? Must be a typo or editing error.
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