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  1. As far as the options goes, the options have already been used on Kirilloff and Rooker just by sending them down, unless they are down for less than 20 days total for the year. I think that is the rule.
  2. I am excited to eventually see Rooker and Kirilloff play for the Twins, but I think Garlick is better than what anybody is giving him credit for. He has tremendous power and destroys left handed pitching. I saw him play once. I think it was the Arizona Fall League. And remember, he came up in the Dodger organization, so he didn't get many MLB opportunities.
  3. I think Jose Miranda has an above average hit tool projection, and also Misael Urbina and Emmanuel Rodriquez.
  4. The other thing is he is going to Florida this year. Other years he has entered in to Arizona. Maybe it took him a while to redo his paperwork.
  5. i wonder if it has something to do with COVID protocols?
  6. And don't forget that Kyle Garlick kills left handers. Why do you think the FO held on to him so tight? in case they need the platoon and Rooker needs more seasoning maybe.
  7. I just think they need to let him find that third pitch and fine tune it and the others before they rush him to the big leagues. Rushing him will ruin him.Give him a chance to be a finished product.
  8. Pretty dark view of sports. If it is all that bad, why do you bother? For me, the bragging rights, etc. have only minimal meaning. I just enjoy the games and the entertainment. And I love all things baseball. So being able to see all of the analysts views on players is just one more way to enjoy baseball as a whole. We all know that all the analysts have different views of players, different ways of analyzing them, different ways of projecting them. And it always depends on how a player develops over time, not just on where they are in the moment. Nobody ever knows for sure the exact course a player will take. That is why some really good talented players never make the final steps, while others that nobody really saw coming turn out to be stars. If that wasn't the case, there wouldn't be a reason to have 40 rounds in a draft, or 120 minor league teams. We all hope that when our player is highly rated he turns out, and if he isn't as highly rated as we would like, that maybe that analyst is wrong about him. I think it is so much fun to watch a player like Luis Arraez come out of nowhere. We all saw that he was on the perifery, but held out little hope that he would be as good as he is. Very few analysts had hime there, the rest were wrong.
  9. Rooker is the only RH bat they have. He almost haas to make the team. Or Austidillo. But he is so out of shape. I saw him hit in dominican series. He fell down swinging. Or maybe he just rolled over. He looks like a bowling ball.
  10. Sad to see someone say they don't expect to see their team back to the World Series in their lifetime.
  11. I think he is Joe Musgrove without giving up prospects.
  12. I couldn't believe it at the time. Brunansky was a favorite of mine as well. Really stupid move as far as I could see.
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