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    Aichiman reacted to PDX Twin in One Team's Trash...   
    Maybe he could borrow one from Maeda while he's on IL?
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    Aichiman got a reaction from Heiny in One Team's Trash...   
    I like Robert Gsellman.  He's a good reliever from a team that has a knack for finding pitchers.  And like Hrbeck, he's vowel deficient.
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    Aichiman got a reaction from Sconnie in One Team's Trash...   
    I like Robert Gsellman.  He's a good reliever from a team that has a knack for finding pitchers.  And like Hrbeck, he's vowel deficient.
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    Aichiman got a reaction from Doctor Gast in One Team's Trash...   
    I like Robert Gsellman.  He's a good reliever from a team that has a knack for finding pitchers.  And like Hrbeck, he's vowel deficient.
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    Aichiman got a reaction from TwinsDr2021 in One Team's Trash...   
    I like Robert Gsellman.  He's a good reliever from a team that has a knack for finding pitchers.  And like Hrbeck, he's vowel deficient.
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    Aichiman got a reaction from chpettit19 in Offseason Status Update: 40-Man Shuffling, Missed Opportunities   
    "Easily Cuttable," I like that phrase.  I like the way it rolls off the tongue.
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    Aichiman reacted to Linus in Lewis, Miranda Among Six Players Added to the Twins 40-Man Roster   
    Well it was quite a common topic of conversation as Wade thrived after the trade and Cave is who he is.  So I can amend my comment to geez isn’t it too bad that we didn’t keep Wade over Cave. 
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    Aichiman reacted to NatteringNabob in Twins Claim RHP Jharel Cotton   
    Hopefully not onto his back
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    Aichiman got a reaction from RonCoomersOPS in Houston and Minnesota Both Made Drafting Mistakes   
    The biggest mistake we made is in hiring Falvey and Levine.  This led to the decision to use Korn Ferry to recruit a major league manager.  The Twins get what they deserve.
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    Aichiman reacted to DocBauer in What should be done with the Twins outfield?   
    To me this is fairly easy to answer assuming the FO doesn't start moving several pieces of the established roster.
    CF is Buxton and shoukd remain Buxton for the next 5-7yrs with an extension that works for both sides. PERIOD!
    RF should be Kepler. I think he has more trade value than a lot of people give him credit for. He's outstanding defensively there and more than solid in CF as long as his hamstrings are OK going forward. And his offense is obviously proven in the past to be much better thzn what we saw in 2021. And right now, the Twins don't have a direct replacement for him that is anything close to being PROVEN. I don't think the Twins, or any of us, want questionable defense in BOTH corners for 2022.
    LF will be a mix in 2022 unless someone runs with the spot, and I'm OK with that. Again, someone might be gone via trade, but right now you have Larnach waiting to take the next step forward. AK can play there effectively when not at 1B. Arraez can get a few games there to keep his bat in the lineup without embarrassing anyone, (my opinion). Rooker will get a shot if the bat comes around, and it always has previously at every level he's played at before. Celestino has a njce future as at least a versatile and quality 4th OF, and a ceiling as a quality starter in LF or CF but he needs time and experience.
    My HOPE is Larnach, not traded, will take over LF at some point if not immediately. He's also got the arm for RF...which also has less ground to cover...and can give Kepler days off and MIGHT succeed him in a year or so. You continue to mix in Arraez here and there to keep his bat in the lineup. And while I just can't give you a name right now...too much to sort through at this point...my HOPE is when the dust settles and the smoke clears, and SS and the front of the rotation has been addressed, and ONE GOOD ARM has been added to the BP, the FO will drop a couple $M for a RH Cave-like 4th OF.
    Martin is PROBABLY destined for a starting job in the OF, while still being able to fill in across most of the infield. A TREMDOUS prospect with a world of ability and potential, but he's gone from college to a missed year and straight to AA. I think he's going to need AT LEAST a half season if not a full one to be ready for MLB.
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    Aichiman reacted to Number3 in Eddie Rosario   
    Great to see Eddie Rosario come through with a big hit for the Braves yesterday and be with a team capable of actually winning a playoff series. Letting him go along with blowing up the pitching staff has the Twins where they are. I can hear the chuckles now; fine. There was something about Rosario in left, Buxton (when available) in center and Kepler in right that just seemed to work. Now the outfield is the result of throwing darts with players names at an outfield on the wall.
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    Aichiman reacted to Dodecahedron in Week in Review: September Slide   
    Baldelli is back.  You can tell by the W-L record.
    I have not looked at the box scores, but I know from experience I will see something nonsensical either in the lineup or the pitching management for every game if I do.  At this point, that's a boring exercise.
    In light of that, MOAR DINGERS.  It's the only way to win with this manager.
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    Aichiman reacted to Mark G in Game Score: Royals 6, Twins 4   
    Best post I have seen in a while.  There are times when I wouldn't let Rocco coach my neighborhood little league team.  
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    Aichiman reacted to Trov in A Big Takeaway from the Twins 2021   
    I fully agree.  Prior to Falvine coming in our team laughed at advanced stats and doing things like shifting or playing against norms.  Now we go full 180, and they are all in on advanced stats.  I am of the thought that mixing the two is best practice.  Sometimes players do not fit into the math mold or the norm and that is not a bad thing.
    To me the advanced states and thoughts on bunting or stealing only looks at the whole game but not at the player.  Because players get told you cannot bunt because history shows it is bad, they never learn to do it well.  Some guys bunting will get them on base, and if they have the ability to steal they can get the double that you want him to hit.  Sure not every guy can do this, but why have a 100% never for all players? 
    Same with the third time through rotation, not every guy follows that general rule and some do better if they get to a third time because they have figured out what is working that day well.  Some guys have breezed through the first 2 times, why not let them see a third time.  Not every pitcher will have it going each day so if the guys is going well, no need to pull him for a pen arm just because math history says so, let the game develop for each game.  
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    Aichiman reacted to mikelink45 in A Big Takeaway from the Twins 2021   
    As we know the smart can sometimes outsmart themselves.  The sabermetrics can convince you not to steal, not to bunt, to swing for the fences, to replace starters before they lose their effectiveness instead of stretching them to save an overworked BP.  Time to mix baseball experience and smart with the new tools and try again. 
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    Aichiman reacted to Jack Dupp in A Big Takeaway from the Twins 2021   
    The manager and coaching staff have also under-whelmed. Rocco’s total ineptness was on full display on a fateful afternoon in Oakland. Allowing Colome to throw damn near 50 pitches in an inning with a mishmash defensive substitutions was embarrassing. Other blunders included not establishing Arraez as the everyday lead off hitter, stubbornly penciling JD into the two hole instead of the team’s best hitter (Polo), eschewing naming a closer, not replacing Mike Bell, enabling Rudy Hernandez and Edgar Varella to keep their jobs when nearly every hitter has regressed significantly since 2020, relying solely on sabermetrics and numerical data, keeping Diaz and Watkins when the base running and fielding has been laughably bad at times, or getting himself tossed to try to fire-up his often-lethargic team. Hard to believe things will be better anytime soon based on the enormous amount of work that needs to be done. Best of luck, Mr. Falvey.
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    Aichiman reacted to Nashvilletwin in The Twins Shouldn't Spend (Much) On Starting Pitching This Offseason   
    Couldn’t agree more with this post and mikelink45. 
    As a small/mid market team, we need to look for windows. Ours could open again in ‘23. 
    In this era, having a staff with 3-4 cheap SPs who can deliver 5-6 ips and 3 ers or so (i.e. era 4.50-5.00) augmented by a shutdown pen is a good strategy, particularly for lower budget teams. Save the bucks on starters and commit more $ to the pen. 
    By ‘23 we should be able to identify a strong stable of young, league minimum, controllable SPs out of our many options. Maybe one or two develop into legit #2s.  But it might not matter if four of them are legit #3-4s. Then bring in a veteran leader (Berrios?) if necessary/desired.
    But in all cases, have a shutdown pen. 
    Two asides: 1. Resign Buxton. 2. Is Rocco the right guy to lead/develop these young players?  Given the horrendous lack of fundamentals displayed by this team this year, it’s a legit question.  
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    Aichiman reacted to Mark G in Game Score: Rays 11, Twins 4   
    With all due respect, the Rays didn't beat up the Twins pitching staff, they beat up Albers.  And why he was left in as long as he was to take said beating is not only confusing, it is distasteful.  I could write a short story right now on Baldelli and some of the things he does with the pitching and the lineups, but I don't think I want the carpel tunnel that would go with it, so I will pass and leave it to cooler heads than mine right now.  Looking forward to reading you all instead.
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    Aichiman reacted to mikelink45 in 3 Questions Byron Buxton Can Answer in September   
    I know it is illogical in this day of outsized contracts, but to me a player like Buxton should look at the fact that the Twins have paid him for full years and he has been a part time employee.  The offers for him have been generous and if he does not sign, trade him.  Time to start moving on.  From the great prospect and hope for the future only Berrios and Polanco have really delivered on the promise.  Buxton has teased, Kepler and Sano have not grown or developed as hoped.  Let's hope this next set of prospects can continue to develop and deliver.  
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    Aichiman reacted to darwin22 in Minor League Report 8/21 You Have The Right To Be A Hitting Machine   
    Matt:  Another informative and detailed report from our affiliates tonight. 
    A few observations:
    1.  What are you (or others) hearing about Miranda?  With another outstanding game in a year of excellent production-----is it just a matter of waiting till Sept. 1st before he's called up?  Wouldn't shock me to see our FO not want to start the clock on his service time.
    2. Another question?  With Ryan's impressive outing last night coupled with Maeda's apparent injury today-------will we be seeing Ryan in our starting rotation next week?
    3. Any update--you or others have on the health situation of Josh Winder? Is his injury--shoulder impingement going to shut him down for the rest of the year?
    4.  Nice to see Balazovic pitch a strong game tonight albeit against a bad hitting Springfield team.  Just my opinion, but with his recent struggles (command/walks), I seriously doubt he's promoted either to SP or Twins before end of season.
    5.  Although I'm sure I'm missing implications with 40 man roster and/or limited rosters after Sept. 1st, I will continue to bang my drum for the front office to promote Drew Maggi and BJ Boyd in September.  With 6000+ combined minor league ABs and both, especially Boyd, having strong seasons with the bat-----these guys deserve a call up to 'the Show'
    6.  Call me a downer, but is getting to early to call Matt Canterino a bust?  Another IL stint with an elbow strain is a precursor to him being another prospect who won't ever make it.
    and finally
    Trying to reverse my last comment with a hopeful "atta boy" for the nice performance turned in tonight by Dobnak in his rehab outing with Fort Myers.  Count me in the camp of not only rooting for Dobnak, but also believing he can be a viable and productive pitcher on the active roster next season.  
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    Aichiman reacted to Nashvilletwin in TD Tops Twins Prospect Rankings (Post Draft and Trade Deadline): Recap   
    That’s actually a really good point. 
    The Twins have committed the most errors this season and have given up the third most unearned runs. (Couple that with our mid 5s era and it’s easy to see why we stunk up the joint this year)
    Its a completely legitimate question to ask if Rocco is the right guy to drive the ongoing development of a team consisting mostly if young players. 
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    Aichiman reacted to Battle ur tail off in Trio Hinting at Twins Pitching Pipeline   
    I am amazed that writers around this team call this success. What is so successful about developing #4-and 5 starters?
    Where are the top arms? Where are the guys with great velocity and hammer breaking stuff? What about someone that throws an unhittable changeup and has exceptional command???
    Success in developing pitching is what Cleveland has done. What Chicago has done. Etc etc. Top arms. #1 and 2 types. 
    Bare minimum is what I would call the Twins development of pitching for quite some time. Low risk = low reward and that is what has been done here for many years as it pertains to drafting, trading for or signng FA arms.
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    Aichiman got a reaction from operation mindcrime in Top 5 Picks for the Twins to Target in the 2022 Draft   
    It gave me a good laugh. That's valuable.
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    Aichiman got a reaction from LoveMyPug in Top 5 Picks for the Twins to Target in the 2022 Draft   
    It gave me a good laugh. That's valuable.
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    Aichiman got a reaction from Chachi in Top 5 Picks for the Twins to Target in the 2022 Draft   
    It gave me a good laugh. That's valuable.
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