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    Einheri reacted to Ted Schwerzler for an article, MLB and MLBPA Reach Agreement   
    While there’s still a significant amount of legal semantics to figure out, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) needs to be ratified, the season has been salvaged.
    Despite MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred suggesting that February 28 was the deadline in which a deal needed to be agreed upon to avoid canceling regular-season games, the two sides worked tirelessly to hammer out a deal. The calendar has  flipped to March, and multiple sessions have been hammered out, but we now have resolution. 
    The reality is that MLB was looking at a third straight season in which baseball would be anything as we’ve known it. Following a 60-game season in 2020 and then a Covid-influenced year during 2021, the best hope for normalcy lay on the back of 2022. We don’t have Spring Training on time, and it will be a sprint to Opening Day, but a full 162-game schedule should be on the books.
    A point of contention late in the negotiations was that of an International Draft. Very little is known about the parameters as the sides still have until July 25 to agree on its inception, but it would remove the signing bonuses and put players into a draft system. Jeremy Nygaard recently wrote up some of what has been reported thus far. If the MLBPA decides against an International Draft, as a large contingent of players have been against for decades, they would then forfeit the remove of a qualified offer being tied to draft pick compensation.
    Multiple sources put in incredibly long hours to keep us abreast of the negations. Still, it’s going to be an absolute feeding frenzy from here regarding transactions. Hundreds of players still need to be signed with multiple organizations looking at trades to solidify their 2022 rosters. As players report to Arizona and Florida for Spring Training, the activity will be like we saw in the lockout lead-up and then multiplied.
    With the ratification of this CBA, free agency begins tonight! Make sure to check back to Twins Daily often as the excitement and speed in which players are signed should be nothing like we've ever seen before.
    There’s no denying this has been an incredibly frustrating offseason for baseball fans, but it appears we’ve now weathered the storm and are ready for a return to action. As Twins Daily has continued to keep you informed all offseason and through this lockout, make sure to stay engaged and check back through free agency and Spring Training with both getting underway.
    The only thing left is, Play Ball!
    What We Know
    12 teams make the postseason and how it works Universal DH is implemented A full 162 game schedule with pay, including 9-inning DH'ers to make up missed games. Free agency will start tonight Players can report to Spring Training tomorrow, mandatory by March 13 The qualifying offer being removed is tied to the acceptance of an International Draft A breakdown of the economics The final vote was substantially in favor of acceptance, despite the union board being so against it Regular doubleheaders and extra-inning rules return Ratification is set to happen at 5pm CT during an owners call The regular season calendar will be extended by three days with 3/4 DH'ers making up the others. Spring Training will last 3 and 1/2 weeks starting around April 20 Pitch clock and shift changes can be implemented starting in 2023 A six-pick draft lottery will be held with the 18 teams not making the postseason Rule changes will be a discussed process between players and the league Arbitration numbers will be exchanged at the end of March with hearings during the season Players can only be optioned 5 times per season. Draft is 20 rounds Additional year of service time granted to top Rookie of the Year finishers The Rule 5 Draft is cancelled this year A 4th tier has been added to the CBT to prevent runaway spending Additional MLB Draft implications for top draft eligible players Salary increases for 40-man players at Triple-A One of the pending grievances against MLB was dropped Rules can be changed during a single offseason Players can benefit from promotional opportunities with betting companies Teams will play every other Major League team each year starting in 2023 MORE FROM TWINS DAILY
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