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    nokomismod reacted to Seth Stohs in My Jorge Lopez story   
    This is really good stuff... Thanks for sharing your story here. Like you said, we just don't know what's going on away from the ball field. 
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    nokomismod reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in My Jorge Lopez story   
    Great story. I really enjoyed reading it. These young men who play and work for the Twins, are humans who have ups and downs, problems and joys that are common to all of us. Thank you for the reminder. 
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    nokomismod reacted to BK432 in Dylan Bundy to the Angels   
    Bundy is not good and isn't going to be good. This trade won't matter to either team.
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    nokomismod reacted to DocBauer in The Case for Trading Eddie Rosario this Winter   
    My gut reaction, sign him the same way Kepler and Polanco were signed. Could a similar contract be undervalue at some point? Absolutely. But just like Kepler and Polanco, the player is also gaining security. Rosario will only get more expensive going forward IMO.
    At some point, and it could be this off-season, the Twins will need to move 4-5 top 30 prospects...while keeping their top 3...to add a controllable SP. The system can handle that. OR, they will have to make a move as you suggest, and hold on to Larnach and Rooker...along with Kiriloff...and make due in OF for a season. Said trade also keeps a couple top SP "prospects" in the system for the next few years and hoping they continue to progress, hopefully quickly.
    I'm not sure I have the right answer. My gut says to keep Rosario and make the big trade. I'd guess Rosario and his agent would have a lot to say about it; security vs betting on the future.
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    nokomismod reacted to Brandon in Why Trade For a No.2 Starter When You Already Have One?   
    Acquiring a starter like Ray, Stroman, Minor, Bumgarner, Syndergaard, or Greinke would do several things for the Twins. 1. We could skip Pineda a few times in the rotation to help limit his innings. 2. Send Martin to pen so we have a 2nd lefty. 3. Insurance from injury. What happens if a pitcher gets injured? 4 Incremental improvement is still improvement and every little bit is gonna help.
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