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  1. Buzz Stephen pitched two games for the Twins in 1968. Apparently he wasn't around long enough to get his photo taken in a Twins uniform. The Seattle Pilots selected him in the 1969 expansion draft. Topps used the same photo for his 1969 card.
  2. For those games he is able to play in, he makes the pitching staff better.
  3. 1. Go back to four divisions. 2. Only division winners go to the playoffs. 3. No interleague play. 4. Allow ties after ten innings. 5. Increase major and minor league minimum salaries. 6. No more "everybody clap your hands!" or Addams family theme songs at the ballpark.
  4. A friend and I both decided to live on campus one summer during college. Neither one of us had any money, so we couldn't really do anything. We couldn't even afford to eat some days. So every night we'd sit in the dorm room (hungry) and either listen to or watch the Twins play. My friend knew quite a lot about baseball, so we'd talk/argue throughout the games. It was the summer of 1984 and the Twins were in contention for a playoff spot until late September. I went from being a football fanatic to a baseball fan that summer.
  5. Mark Feinsand quotes a GM that the Twins asking price makes it doubtful Berrios will be traded. https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-executives-expectations-for-the-2021-trade-deadline
  6. The post title says "Part 1." I assume there is a "Part 2" on it way.
  7. Darren Wolfson tweeted at the time of the signing that Law's minor league deal includes an opt out provision. The opt out date isn't stated.
  8. Glenn Borgmann Jim Holt Vic Albury Ray Corbin Dick Woodson Joe Decker Grady Alderman
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