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    purplesoldier4u got a reaction from RpR in Troy's Twins Thoughts   
    I'm still waiting for Max Kepler to reinvent his hitting approach, ala Corey Seager.
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    purplesoldier4u reacted to bean5302 in An Unconventional Trade Target   
    I'll try to remember to reserve all concerns short of a pitcher's arm spontaneously falling off.
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    purplesoldier4u reacted to RpR in What to make of the Donaldson trade???   
    They better get a left fielder as quick and agile as Buxton because he will probably being running in for. or chasing, a lot balls that get by the shortstop and third baseman.
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    purplesoldier4u got a reaction from mikelink45 in Management Caught Looking....elsewhere...the Continued Over Look of Miguel Sano   
    Huh? " ... and he is great at first base." No, he really isn't.
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    purplesoldier4u reacted to Platoon in Should We Be Upset With Yasiel Puig?   
    ............ And as for Rosario?
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    purplesoldier4u reacted to h2oface in Tyler Austin Just Visiting Minnesota?   
    It is so hard for me to consider, imagine, or accept, that CJ Cron can make any MLB player irrelevant. 
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