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  1. I’ll be skipping this ALCS, thanks. I hope the NLCS ends up more interesting to me. 

  2. Brett Anderson is still only 33 years old. That's kind of breaking my brain.

  3. Nick Punto had a 1.139 OPS in the 2009 ALDS.

  4. A 6-4 record is required to avoid a 90 loss season. Four against TOR, three vs DET and KC remaining.

    1. Brandon


      At least that is possible.  

    2. Brandon
  5. The Twins have fallen 20 under .500, which means 90 losses is a pretty sure thing.

  6. I hate seven inning baseball.

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    2. IndianaTwin


      I do too, but I’ve disliked the extra-inning rule more. 

    3. theBOMisthebomb


      7 inning MLB games remind me of slow pitch softball 🥎. Bush league, beer league nonsense. 

    4. Kume34


      Me too and I hate the extra innings runner on second.  And, I hate that Bob Barker.  Oops, that's Happy Gilmore.

  7. It shows how far this team slid when I find myself saying "thank god, Randy Dobnak is back, I think I'll watch tonight".

    1. Squirrel


      And how'd that go?

    2. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      @Squirrel Eh, fine, I wasn't able to catch most of the game but while Dobnak sucked at times, bad defense hurt him a bunch and he still went seven innings. It's something to keep watching instead of being disgusted by it all, at the very least. I cannot say the same about a John Gant start.

  8. Why clutch stats are noisy garbage: Donaldson has a 12 tOPS+ in 2 outs, RISP and a 146 tOPS+ in Late & Close.

    1. wsnydes


      That is truly bizarre.

  9. Ian Gibaut. Really? REALLY?!?!?!

  10. I *hate* the fact we are watching Gant start another game and are going to see Albers again soon. Gross. 

    1. Squirrel


      Don't look now, but he's on the schedule for tomorrow vs the Cubs ... 

  11. The Twins have a relatively decent chance to finish the season in second place, which is absurd. 

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    2. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      @bighat Yeah, Cleveland has gone into a bit of a freefall after losing basically their entire rotation, the biggest strength of the team. It was to be expected, I suppose.

    3. bighat


      RpR - I did look last week and saw that the Twins were the best of all last place teams, however they'd still be in last place in every single division with their record. So the Central has the best last-place team at the time, if that makes sense.

      S'pose it's moot now that the Twins are on the upswing. Funny how KC, which has looked like a much better team than Minnesota while playing the Twins, can't seem to beat anyone else.

    4. old nurse

      old nurse

      The Twins have plenty of games left with the teams in the chase for second place.. There can be a quite a change in positions if a team has motivation. There is no reasonable shot to make up that many games in the loss column and leapfrog three teams. Making up 9 more losses than the GUARDIANS is not reasonable.

  12. It's sad that I see Griffin Jax getting the start today and I'm more optimistic than I was about yesterday's game.

  13. Has anyone checked 1 Twins Way to make sure the lights are on and people are inside?

    1. Otto von Ballpark

      Otto von Ballpark

      They do know the trade deadline is July 30 this year, instead of July 31? Right?

    2. Brock Beauchamp
  14. It's not much fun that every CBO/GM keeps hitting the snooze button on this deadline.

  15. I'm really disappointed to see no journalists worked the phrase "slapping massive dongs" into their write-ups about the Derby. Feels like a real missed opportunity, perhaps even cowardice IMO.

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    2. wsnydes


      Maybe ALL of the journalists did and their editors ruined it for everyone?

    3. Brock Beauchamp
    4. wsnydes


      @Brock BeauchampWe can't have any fun anymore, can we?

  16. I've rarely felt strongly about specific draft picks in any sport, even less so about baseball. Too much that we as fans just don't know about these kids to have a real opinion about them.

  17. Still spamming status updates for funsies.

  18. Now I'm spamming status updates to get a badge and test the system.

  19. I'm posting a status update because I can.

  20. Achievements are live, check out your profile page to see the badges you've already earned!

  21. Jacob deGrom's ERA+ is now at (LOL) 772.

    1. Seth Stohs

      Seth Stohs

      It's absolutely amazing what he's done. 

    2. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      @Seth Stohs His FIP is now at 0.87. I knew it was theoretically possible for a starter to have a FIP under under 1.00 but I never thought I'd see it happen.

  22. Jacob deGrom has started ten games. He has allowed four runs. He has driven in five runs. His ERA+ is… 689. Dude, seriously. 

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    2. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      I generally lean away from letting pitchers win MVPs, with a few notable exceptions. If deGrom keeps this up, 2021 will be one of those exceptions. He's on pace for roughly ten win season, which is crazyland for a pitcher who only plays once every five games.

    3. Squirrel


      I wish deGrom were on my team

    4. jkcarew


      He’ll be lucky to qualify for an ERA title at this rate, let alone an MVP. But yes, the numbers are cartoonish.

  23. So, yeah, the Yankees tonight.


    1. stringer bell

      stringer bell

      Someone is featuring this matchup as the two most disappointing teams in MLB. So far, I think it is true. The pessimist in me sees the Bronx Bombers reawakening this week. The optimist says it is time for the worm to turn.

  24. I think it's time to accept that it's extremely unlikely this team will be even .500 when the deadline forces a decision.

  25. Kirilloff straight into the MN lineup tonight? Didn’t see that coming, thought he’d get reps for SPS.

    1. Seth Stohs

      Seth Stohs

      He played for the Saints the past two nights, and homered in both games. 

    2. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      Ah, okay.

      How’d I miss that?

    3. Seth Stohs

      Seth Stohs

      Must just be busy with other stuff... Ha! 

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