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  • Twins Daily 2020 Awards: Most Improved Player

    Seth Stohs

    This week at Twins Daily, we will be handing out our 2020 Twins Awards. Yesterday, we handed out the award for the Twins Top Rookie in 2020 (Ryan Jeffers). Today, we announce the Twins Most Improved Player during the 2020 season.


    Upon completion of the season, our panel of 23 Twins Daily writers voted on the four annual Twins Daily Awards. Asked to rank their top three most improved players, ten Twins received votes. However, the choice was clear. The 2020 Twins Most Improved Player is relief pitcher Matt Wisler.

    Image courtesy of Peter Aiken, USA Today

    Most Improved. It is a difficult award to vote on, and this year that was certainly the case. What does it mean? Well, it could be a guy that had a bad first half of the season and really turned it on and showed great improvement as the season went along. Often, it is a player coming off of a disappointing or injury-plagued season who takes a step forward with a strong season.


    Matt Wisler is not new to the big leagues. 2020 was his sixth season, and the Minnesota Twins are his fifth organization. He was originally drafted and signed by the Padres out of high school in 2011. He became a top prospect. He was a key piece in the trade that sent Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton, Jr. to San Diego from Atlanta. He was a Top 100 prospect before the 2014 and 2015 seasons.


    Wisler debuted with the Braves in 2015 and spent two seasons as a starter. He was moved to the bullpen in 2017 and traded to the Reds during the 2018 season. He split 2019 between the Padres and the Mariners. Combined, he was 3-4 with a 5.61 ERA in 51 1/3 over 44 games.


    At the end of the 2019 season, the Mariners placed him on waivers and the Twins claimed him. Wisler was arbitration-eligible, but he agreed to a guaranteed contract before numbers needed to be exchanged.





    Clearly the Twins front office, scouts, analytics group, and/or pitching coaches and coordinators saw something from Wisler. Most likely, they saw his spin rate and that he had started using his slider much more frequently.


    In 2018, Wisler threw 49.7% fastballs and 46.9% sliders.


    In 2019, Wisler threw 29.2% fastballs and 70.5% sliders.


    Turns out, that was just the start.


    In 2020, Wisler threw just 16.6% fastballs and 83.4% sliders.


    Here is a quick look at which MLB relievers threw the most sliders in 2020 (with the help of Statcast):




    Wisler pointed out in September. “The one thing why I think my slider is so effective, talking to catchers, it doesn’t move the same. One pitch it will go straight down and the other one goes more side to side. I have a lot of different movements on my pitch. I don’t do anything different that I can feel.”





    Wisler began the season by pitching in low-leverage situations. With early success, he soon was working in closer games. In mid-August, he had a stretch of three straight games in which he was used as the Opener. His next appearance, he struck out two batters in a perfect ninth to close out a 3-2 win over the White Sox. The only other Save of his career came in 2015 when he was still a starter. His next appearance was back in the role of Opener.


    He was being used in higher-leverage situations. He was pitching much more frequently. In a game against the Cubs, he worked two scoreless innings and struck out six batters.


    Regardless the role he was utilized, Matt Wisler dropped sliders and got the job done!




    You can see who else received votes below, but there was no shortage of players who showed some improvement in 2020.


    The Twins had one of baseball’s best bullpens. No surprise. Beyond Wisler, several bullpen arms took a step forward. Tyler Duffey finished fourth on this list while Jorge Alcala, Trevor May and Cody Stashak also received votes.


    Like Wisler, Kenta Maeda came to the Twins from another organization and put up the best season, short as it was, of his career. He made some minor adjustments and went 6-1 with a 2.70 ERA.


    Arguably the Best Story of the 2020 Twins season could be the return of Caleb Thielbar. The lefty from Randolph returned to the organization after not pitching in the big leagues since 2015. In that time, he spent two more seasons with the St. Paul Saints. He was ready to be done and was hired as a pitching coach at Augustana. The Twins called and said they thought he was a big-league pitcher. He came to spring training and did well. He was invited to Summer Camp. He spent the first trip of the season on the Twins practice squad, and soon after he was promoted back to the big leagues. He responded very well, posting a 2.25 ERA with 22 strikeouts in 20 innings.


    Others who deservingly received votes: Byron Buxton, Eddie Rosario, Michael Pineda.


    How would your ballot look?


    Here are the results from the Twins Daily Twitter poll:



    Here’s a look at the ballots from our 23 voters.


    Seth Stohs: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Tyler Duffey, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Nick Nelson: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Tyler Duffey, 3) Trevor May

    John Bonnes: 1) Kenta Maeda, 2) Jorge Alcala, 3) Matt Wisler

    Tom Froemming: 1) Kenta Maeda, 2) Matt Wisler, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Andrew Gebo: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Caleb Thielbar, 3) Kenta Maeda

    AJ Condon: 1) Kenta Maeda, Tyler Duffey, Byron Buxton

    Cody Christie: 1) Matt Wisler, 2.) Kenta Maeda, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Cody Pirkl: 1) Caleb Thielbar, 2) Kenta Maeda, 3) Matt Wisler

    Cooper Carlson: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Kenta Maeda, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Jeremy Nygaard: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Tyler Duffey, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Lucas Seehafer: 1) Kenta Maeda, 2) Matt Wisler, 3) Byron Buxton

    Matt Braun: 1) Kenta Maeda, 2) Matt Wisler, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Matt Lenz: 1) Byron Buxton, 2) Matt Wisler, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Matthew Taylor: 1) Kenta Maeda, 2) Matt Wisler, 3) Tyler Duffey

    Matthew Trueblood: 1) Jorge Alcala, 2) Eddie Rosario

    Nash Walker: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Kenta Maeda, 3) Caleb Thielbar

    Nate Palmer: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Caleb Thielbar, 3) Cody Stashak

    Patrick Wozniak: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Eddie Rosario, 3) Michael Pineda

    Derek Wetmore: 1) Byron Buxton

    Steve Lein: 1) Tyler Duffey, 2) Trevor May, 3) Jorge Alcala

    Renabanena: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Byron Buxton, 3) Kenta Maeda

    Ted Schwerzler: 1) Matt Wisler, 2) Caleb Thielbar

    Thiéres Rabelo: 1) Eddie Rosario, 2) Matt Wisler, 3) Caleb Thielbar



    Matt Wisler: 47

    Kenta Maeda: 28

    Caleb Thielbar: 18

    Tyler Duffey: 12

    Byron Buxton: 10

    Eddie Rosario: 7

    Jorge Alcala: 6

    Trevor May: 3

    Cody Stashak: 1

    Michael Pineda: 1



    Previous Twins Most Improved Player Award Winners


    2015: Aaron Hicks

    2016: Brian Dozier

    2017: Byron Buxton

    2018: Kyle Gibson

    2019: Mitch Garver





    Rookie of the Year: Ryan Jeffers

    Most Improved: Matt Wisler

    Pitcher of the Year: Coming Tomorrow

    Most Valuable Player: Coming Soon!

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    Really tough call between Maeda and Wisler. Maeda was a quality SP who moved to the pen to shore up a hopeful WS team pen. He then gets a new opportunity and becomes even better than he ever was! (Worried they need to try and keep him around 180-190 IP in 2021 considering the Dodgers previous use of him)


    And then you have a former top prospect who just never turned out, never fit in or "found it" with anyone else until he came to the Twins and Johnson.


    I guess I have to give it to Wissler for most improved.


    Honestly, no hyperbole after ONE season, but did we find a diamond in the rough who is a younger, cheaper and harder throwing version of Romo? I know 2020 was only slightly over a 1/3 of the a regular season, and there was a couple of games when he got pulled quickly...happens to all RP at times...but he started, he pitched in the middle and he even closed a game in impressive fashion.


    Is he the next Hildenberger or the next Romo? I don't know right now, but damn he looked good most days.

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