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  • The 3 Best Moments For The 2021 Twins

    Nash Walker

    It was an overwhelmingly disappointing season for the Twins, with numerous bad losses, crippling injuries, and overall underperformance. What were the three *best* moments of this season?

    Image courtesy of Jesse Johnson, USA TODAY Sports

    3. Buxton Blasts Burnes

    The Twins looked to flush a forgettable Opening Day in Game 2 of their season in Milwaukee. José Berríos started and dominated the National League Central champions. Berríos pitched six innings of no-hit ball with 12 strikeouts and zero walks. It was one of the best performances of his career and further evidenced his immense talent. 

    Berríos would’ve owned the stage if not for Corbin Burnes, who matched him with six walk-less and hit-less innings. Burnes went on to lead baseball with an incredible 2.43 ERA, 1.63 FIP, and 6.88 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Byron Buxton still wouldn’t be denied. 

    With Burnes eight outs from a perfect game, Buxton roped a painted 96 mph cutter to Toyota Territory. It was the beginning of one of the most remarkable months by a player in Twins history. The Twins won 2-0. 

    2. Saturday Sanó Storm 

    With the season quickly spiraling into the abyss and losses in eight of their last nine games, the Twins needed something positive. They trailed 4-2 with runners on the corners and two outs in the bottom of the eighth. Oakland turned to Jake Diekman to face Miguel Sanó, who was 8-for-67 (.119) with only two extra-base hits in 21 games up to that Saturday. 

    In one of the unlikeliest and best moments of the year, Sanó used his strength to muscle a homer just over the limestone in right field. It was precisely what he and the team needed, and it created hope that there could be something more in 2021. 

    Of course, it was just a brief positive amid a lot of negativity. For Sanó, the homer kicked off a 10-game stretch where he hit six homers, three doubles, and produced an OPS over 1.150. 

    1. Crushing Chapman 

    Once again at risk of a sweep to the Yankees, the Twins needed a miracle late. Aroldis Chapman trotted out from the bullpen with a two-run lead and a 0.39 ERA in 23 games. Opponents were hitting .097 and had struck out in over 50% of plate appearances against Chapman to that point. 

    He might beat you nine times out of 10, but not that night. The Twins ambushed the imposing lefty. In just nine pitches, Chapman gave up four hits, including two monstrous two-run homers to Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruz. 

    Beating the Yankees is always satisfying. To watch the two leaders of the team smash one of the best closers in the game at home made it extra special. Donaldson and Cruz showed Twins fans what could’ve (and should’ve) been in 2021’s best moment. 

    That ninth inning also began a stretch where Chapman allowed 14 runs in 5 2/3 innings. 

    What were your favorite moments from the season? Comment below!



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    That 9th inning against Chapman. That beautiful, beautiful inning. Dip it in gold and put it on a shelf.

    And ... it ended the Yankees season early. One more win, and the Yanks would have hosted the WC game. Different outcome, I'm sure (just don't look up the Yankees home/road splits in 2021 ... it doesn't help my argument here.)

    So there. Hey Yankees - DON'T MESS WITH THE TWINS!

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    6 hours ago, Whitey333 said:

    I totally agree with the game against Chapman and the Yankees!!  It was a classic.

    Yep, Arraez gets on -- Donaldson homer; Astudillo gets on -- Cruz homer -- game over with Cruz hopping down the first base line.

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