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  • One Fan's Opinion: Cleaning the Clubhouse in Three Steps

    Sherry Cerny

    The Twins season is over, but change to the roster is just starting. There are three things that the Twins are able to do to start the off season out right. 

    Image courtesy of Jesse Johnson, USA TODAY Sports

    (Editor's Note: Before we get started, join me in welcoming Sherry to the front page. This is her first promoted article. You have likely seen some of her writing on the Twins Daily blog pages. In her first front page article, she's got some ideas for the Twins front office.)

    After an arduous baseball season from the Twins, the fans are left with one question: “what’s next?”.

    We have all been asking ourselves that question since the Twins took a nosedive in May. Plagued with injury and ailment, the Twins limped through the summer trying to find their stride while also bringing up and sending down player after player.

    There seemed to be no relief. As players such as Josh Donaldson, Byron Buxton, Max Kepler, Luis Arraez, Mitch Garver, and Jorge Polanco healed and made their comeback so did the overall growth, demeanor and mindset of the team to finish out the season strong. While the Twins were nowhere near a run for the playoffs, let alone the Wild Card, they played as if they were and left the fans with a hopeful taste in their mouth as the season closed.

    So, what is next? There are a few things I can think of that will instantly make a difference. 

    #1 No More Andrelton 

    First things first, Andrelton Simmons' contract is officially up as soon as the World Series is complete! Let’s be honest, this was one of the worst Twins acquisitions, maybe not of all time, but for sure in the amount of time that I have been a fan, which is a fairly long time.

    I recall when the Twins gave him the contract, I was irate. I got blown to bits on Twitter for my “bad take” and he was a “gold glove winner”. (blah, blah, blah.) I am not an elite baseball mind, but I do have a serious appreciation for usable talent. Simmons was not that. Sure, on paper he looked good. His baseball-reference stats show that from 2016 through 2020 Simmons had a solid batting average. He was hitting .283 on average over those seasons, basically his tenure with the Angels. During those years he stayed above .250. As much as I didn't want to, I did count 2020 in the stats, but it was a shorter season, fewer games, so his batting average is going to look/be a little better.

    What caught my eye was his errors, he had 49 errors over four years. This year, Simmons was tied for sixth out of 22 shortstops in errors. I know that shortstops tend to make the most errors on the team, but I am not sure what made the Twins think that he was going to be anything but a train wreck.

    What made this even more frustrating was the fact that the Twins have players who could have played shortstop and got paid less. I am not advocating for Billy Beane baseball, but with assets like Jorge Polanco, Luis Arraez and Nick Gordon, it was really disappointing to have someone like Simmons in the line up, especially in the second half. It's a collective sigh of relief that Simmons is becoming a free agent. 

    #2 Rebuild the Rotation 

    Next... to the mound. The pitching (or lack thereof) has been the biggest thorn in the Twins' side. Thanks to trades and bold moves the Twins acquired some young arms that are going to be around for quite awhile if the front office plays their cards right. Joe Ryan, Bailey Ober, John Gant, Ralph Garza Jr, and Griffin Jax have breathed new life into the rotation, providing solid innings, more strikeouts and confidence that the front office may be actually understanding the assignment.

    The one thing that teams in the playoffs have is solid pitching. Having a good starting rotation and bullpen is important. There is less stress, leaving the line up to have enough energy to do their job and hit dingers. While there was a lot of anger due to trading Nelson Cruz, there has been less frustration with the pitching which came as a result of the trade. If there are going to be any changes in the rotation, acquiring at least two or three starters that they will leave in through the sixth inning would be beneficial.

    I am not sure what Rocco Baldelli and Wes Johnson thinks they are doing pulling guys in the sixth inning. This isn’t college baseball with a lot of depth. This is the big leagues, where guys are conditioned for longevity. The new guys that were brought in learned in a different system, potentially with different techniques and philosophies. Wes Johnson has not had a chance to  them yet. 

    The class of Free Agents looks like a platter for the next season and there is some amazing talent could be acquired, such as Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard, and Max Scherzer. While we all have differing opinions on who is less effective, any of these pitchers would be a good buy in a 2 or 3 starter spot while we look in house for our #1 starter.

    #3 Bring Back the Boomstick 

    The third thing would be bringing back Nelson Cruz to finish beefing up the batting line up. Cruz will be a free agent after his playoff run with Tampa Bay.

    That was a trade that sucker-punch to the fan base. While I personally was sad to see him go, the trade was one that the front office could not pass up. The return is exactly what this team needed. I can’t imagine that bringing back Cruz was not brought up in the clubhouse prior to the trade, but the tears, hugs and words spoken by the team surrounding the trade mean his teammates would love for him to come back. He, like the rest of the squad, definitely struggled a bit in the beginning of the season.

    The 41-year-old has shown few signs of slowing down or falling apart outside a thumb sprain early in the season. Since being in Tampa Bay, he has continued to soar and could help get the Rays to the World Series. His presence with the bat and in the clubhouse are something you rarely find, and it may be a fight to get him back.

    We saw this with Miguel Sano. Nelson Cruz was a guiding force into Sano's performance with the bat, and it's one relationship that has created a life-long bond. In reality, Cruz’s numbers are too good to ignore, as well as his ability to bring a smile and cohesion to the clubhouse. His impact on Sano was so great that the day Cruz was traded, Sano honored him by wearing his pants in that night's game.

    “The pants brought Sano a little bit of luck. He went 1-for-3 with a walk, double and run scored in his Minnesota Twins’ 3-2 loss to the Angels” writes Jesse Johnson of USA Today Sports.

    One thing is for sure, Nelson Cruz has always been and will always be a class act, even going out of the way to meet the pitcher that took his place in the clubhouse. You can’t replace a person like that. 

    These are just a few of the things that would help the team see not only a higher finish in the standings, but also the potential to return to the playoffs.

    I love the old adage - “Offense wins games, Defense wins championships." I believe it’s true. If the Twins would be able to get a solid pitching staff, a defense that was less messy, and consider bringing back Nelson Cruz, that would be a start to creating a winning team for the 2022 season. 



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    On 10/11/2021 at 12:48 PM, Major League Ready said:

    This is difficult to assess.  It appears to me it's a conscious plan with Tampa.  Do these other teams have low IPs from their starters because they are simply bad?  Has Tampa found a market inefficiency in SPs that don't excel when expected to go 6 plus but are good the 1st couple times through the order.  Have they adapted strategies and pitching sequences to succeed with this type of pitcher?  Jax appears to be this type of SP to me.  I think he would do better in the BP or in a stacking concept.

    Tampa Bay has found a market insufficiency in assessing relievers. 10 of them with ERA 3 or under this year. Many are found off the scrap heap of free agency or traded for with a lottery ticket

    Edited by Sconnie
    Fixed typo to scrap
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    While I do not agree Simmons was as bad as a signing as some paint him, I agree there is no need to bring him back, and I recently read the Yankees looked to bring him in during trade deadline.  Not sure what was offered, but just about anything would have been worth it to give others a chance to show what they could maybe do on defense.  

    In terms of Cruz, I would not be upset if he returns, I doubt he does as many guys can fill DH next year.  If team thinks Cruz still can get it done and they do not want others to DH I will not be upset, but not asking to bring him back. 

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    Nice article, but I don't see any point in bringing Cruz back. The reality is this club will most likely not be playoff bound in 2022, so no need to shell out money for Cruz. The same could be said for some of the starters listed in the article. How many good years do Scherzer and Greinke have left? If you think it's only one or two, then there's no point in bringing them aboard for big $$$ for another fight for the bottom of the AL central. 2022 will be about seeing which of the younger guys can play at an MLB level.

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    22 hours ago, LewFordLives said:

    Nice article, but I don't see any point in bringing Cruz back. The reality is this club will most likely not be playoff bound in 2022, so no need to shell out money for Cruz. The same could be said for some of the starters listed in the article. How many good years do Scherzer and Greinke have left? If you think it's only one or two, then there's no point in bringing them aboard for big $$$ for another fight for the bottom of the AL central. 2022 will be about seeing which of the younger guys can play at an MLB level.

    Cruz brought more to the Twins than just his bat.

    I would wager money the Pohlads do not want to see dropping income continue from a Twins team that for years becomes one struggling to play .500 ball as they juggle the line-up with rookie wannabes.

    One good year will put fans in the stands, for awhile, which this year showed so acquiring top level veterans, as they did in 2019 can be the shot in the arm they need.

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