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  • Can You Find The Twin? A Valentine's Day Challenge for Baseball Lovers


    So how much do you *actually* know and love your hometown team? Can you pick out the Minnesota Twin from a group of players at each position with only the following arbitrary 2019 statistics?

    Image courtesy of © Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

    You are a self-proclaimed Minnesota Twins and/or baseball fan. Baseball is your perpetual valentine, despite your actual relationship status. You proudly tell anyone who will listen that you watch every single game and even skip social events to do so. When you can’t get out of one, you purposely schedule meetups at sports bars so that you won’t miss a single inning.


    Instructions: Pick the Minnesota Twin from the three given options. Keep in mind that every option listed below is an actual MLB player from the same position. A correct answer is worth 1 point, and there is no penalty for an incorrect response. The bonus questions is also worth 1 point. As an extra challenge, try and guess the other two players in the group.


    1. Catcher: Mitch Garver

    A - 126 H, .246 AVG, .380 OBP

    B - 85 H, .273 AVG, .365 OBP

    C - 120 H, .273 AVG, .328 OBP


    2. First Base: Miguel Sano


    A - .247 AVG, 34 HR, .923 OPS

    B - .267 AVG, 36 HR, .896 OPS

    C - .260 AVG, 34 HR, .821 OPS


    3. Second Base: Luis Arraez


    A - .334 AVG, .399 OBP, .823 OPS

    B - .329 AVG, .389 OBP, .981 OPS

    C - .298 AVG, .353 OBP, .903 OPS


    4. Third Base: Josh Donaldson


    A - 36 HR, 91 RBIs, 3 3Bs

    B - 37 HR, 94 RBIs, 0 3Bs

    C - 35 HR, 118 RBIs, 10 3Bs


    5. Shortstop: Jorge Polanco


    A - 651 ABs, .285 AVG, 7 3Bs

    B - 631 ABs, .295 AVG, 7 3Bs

    C - 616 ABs, .287 AVG, 7 3Bs


    6. Right Field: Max Kepler


    A - .257 AVG, .856 OPS, 3.5 WAR

    B - .265 AVG, .922 OPS, 3.8 WAR

    C - .252 AVG, .855 OPS, 4.0 WAR


    7. Center Field: Byron Buxton


    A - .262 AVG, .991 Fielding Percentage, 14 SB

    B - .260 AVG, .994 Fielding Percentage, 18 SB

    C - .259 AVG, .993 Fielding Percentage, 14 SB


    8. Left Field: Eddie Rosario


    A - 98 R, 110 RBI’s, 138 SO

    B - 91 R, 109 RBI’s, 86 SO

    C - 110 R, 110 RBI’s, 132 SO


    9. DH: Nelson Cruz


    A - 26 2B, 0 CS, .412 OBP

    B - 20 2B, 3 CS, .343 OBP

    C - 26 2B, 1 CS, .392 OBP


    10. BONUS: Which player’s birthday is closest to Valentine’s Day?


    A - Sergio Romo

    B - Max Kepler

    C - Tyler Clippard

    D - Alex Avila

    The answers are beyond this point. Do not scroll past this conveniently placed video of one my most beloved grand slam if you have not completed the challenge.





    B, A, A, B, B, C, A, B, C, C


    Other Players:


    Catcher A: Yasmani Grandal, Catcher C: James McCann

    First Base B: Matt Olson, First Base C: Paul Goldschmidt

    Second Base B: Ketel Marte, Second Base C: Jose Altuve

    Third Base A: Matt Chapman, Third Base C: Eduardo Escobar

    Shortstop A: Marcus Semien, Shortstop C: Amed Rosario

    LF A: Michael Conforto, LF B: Jorge Soler

    CF B: Lorenzo Cain, CF C: Kevin Pillar

    RF A: J.D. Martinez, RF C: Juan Soto

    DH A: Yordan Alvarez, DH B: Shohei Ohtani

    Birthdays: Sergio Romo - March 4th, Max Kepler - February 10th, Tyler Clippard - February 14th, Alex Avila - January 29th


    If you got:


    8-10: You are a Twins champion


    5-7: It's no question that you are a Twins fan, but there is always room for improvement


    2-4: You watch a game here and there, but your television isn't loyal to Fox Sports North during the baseball season


    0-1: You aren't an expert....yet.


    How many answers did you get correct? Leave your score in the comments below.


    Happy Birthday Tyler!



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    8; missed Polanco and the Bonus. And YOU, dear author, got our corner outfielders positions wrong! And if you'd started with the DH, then the numbers would have corresponded to their numbered positions in the scorebook. ;-)
    It's amazing how similar some of the stat lines are. Thanks for doing this.

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