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  • A Definitive Ranking of the Top 10 2020 Twins Promotional Items


    A groundbreaking trade happened two days ago, ending the facade that the off-season was closed for business.. However, there is still a full season of Twins baseball to look forward to, with the following promotional items as the cherry on top of a very exciting sundae to come.

    Image courtesy of © David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

    The best things in life are free. They’re even better when 30,000 other fans are offering you cash for your free items. Last week, the Twins announced the full lineup of freebies and special events at Target Field this year. After some careful consideration, for 2020 here is a definitive ranking of the Top 10 Twins’ promotional items.


    1. 30 Home Run Bomba Club Bobblehead

    June 27, 1:10 pm, vs. Colorado Rockies

    First 10,000 Fans


    Last season, Nelson Cruz, Eddie Rosario, Mitch Garver, Max Kepler, and Miguel Sano officially became the Bomba Five on September 17, 2019 when Sano hit his 30th bomb off Ross Detwiler of the Chicago White Sox. The Bomba Squad smashed MLB’s home run record and barely edged out the New York Yankees for the most home runs on the season.


    The 30 Home Run Bomba Club Bobblehead signifies a place and time that may never be repeated by the Twins or any other team. Therefore, mark this date on your calendar, and be sure to schedule a brunch downtown prior to the game so that you can be at the gates early enough to own this piece of Twins’ history.


    2. Justin Morneau Hall of Fame Bobblehead

    May 23, 1:10 pm, vs. Chicago White Sox - Morneau HOF Induction Ceremony

    First 10,000 Fans


    Justin Morneau is one of the most beloved Twins of all time. Morneau played 11 seasons with the Twins, hitting a career .278 with over 221 home runs and 860 RBI’s. He was named the 2006 American League MVP and was a four-time All-Star with the team. Many knew and loved him as a counterpart to Joe Mauer, whose number was retired last season. After his retirement, Morneau has been a very active member of the Twins community as an analyst for the Twins broadcast on Fox Sports North. He may have Canadian roots on paper, but Morneau is a respected and celebrated honorary Minnesotan.


    Promotional item aside, fans cannot miss Justin Morneau’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The bobblehead is a great method of commemorating the ceremony, but more importantly, do not miss this day of celebration for one of the most phenomenal and beloved Twins of all time.


    3. Twins Quarter Zip-Pullover

    April 2, 3:10 pm, vs. Oakland A’s - Twins Home Opener

    First 30,000 Fans


    Pullovers are an essential aspect of every Minnesotan’s wardrobe. They are versatile, warm, and haute. The baby blue is a perfect counterbalance to the dark navy vest offered as last year’s promotional item and matches well with the baby blues of the new uniforms. The only downside is that these pullovers are only offered in Adult M/XL. However, if you are like me and do not fall under these sizes, these pullovers are a perfect re-gift for the second biggest Twins fan in your life.


    Typically, pullovers can run anywhere from $30 - $100 in various sporting goods stores, so purchasing a ticket to the home opener will offset the price of purchasing a brand new pullover (of course, depending on your seat of choice). This practical promotion and the combination of the excitement of Opening Day makes the pullover one of the top freebies of the year.


    4. Baby Blue Twins Replica Jersey

    July 31, 7:10 pm, vs. Houston Astros - 60th Season Celebration Weekend

    First 10,000 Fans


    Numerous teams have announced new alternate jerseys throughout this off-season, many with mixed reviews. However, the iconic baby blues were presented with rave reviews from fans. These jerseys are a part of the 60th Season Celebration of the Twins. The revitalization of this 70’s look makes this item one of the most exciting of the season, where fans can celebrate 60 years of their home team in one of the most iconic looks of all.


    5. Josh Donaldson “Bringer of Rain” Bobblehead

    June 16, 7:10 pm, vs. Milwaukee Brewers

    First 10,000 Fans


    Years from now, Twins fans will remember where they were when they first heard of the Josh Donaldson signing. Therefore, the first promotional item to celebrate the Bringer of Rain is one to be much excited for. The reason that this item barely made the first half of the list is due to the fact that we will likely get a similar item in the future. Unlike the Bomba Squad and Morneau bobbleheads, this is not a once-in-a-lifetime artifact. Needless to say, Donaldson will likely be one of the most popular Twins during his tenure, so therefore, if you miss this bobblehead, you will likely be able to get a similar one or another Donaldson promotion sometime in the next few years.


    6. Twins Pet Calendar

    May 9, 6:10 pm, vs. Kansas City Royals - Pet Adoption Day

    First 10,000 Fans


    Cute animals? Need I say more? Out of all of the freebies given out this year, this is one of the most fun, practical, and useful of the season. Plus, this pet calendar is a phenomenal gift for the animal lover in your life or as office decor for your boring, beige cubicle.


    7. Twins T-Shirt

    August 22, 6:10 pm, vs. Detroit Tigers

    First 10,000 Fans - Youth L, Adult M/XL


    Everyone can use another Twins T-shirt. Although every season, Twins T-shirts are given out by the truckload (has anyone actually caught one from a T-shirt gun? Comment below), it never hurts to add another one to the collection. Plus, T-shirts are one of the easiest items to carry around the ballpark. As a bonus, as with the other larger items, it can be a hassle and very easy to forget after placing it under your seat.


    8. LED Energy Efficient Lightbulb

    June 28, 1:10 pm, vs. Colorado Rockies

    First 10,000 Fans


    This is by far, the most practical giveaway of the year. Although the other promotional items are much more exciting and unique, having an extra light bulb on hand can be a lifesaver. Last week, the lightbulb in my closet burned out, and I spent the next two days in the dark because I had no lightbulbs in storage. In this scenario, no bobblehead in my house could’ve saved me a trip to Costco.


    9. Twins Stocking Cap

    September 18, 7:10 pm, vs. Detroit Tigers - Fan Appreciation Weekend

    September 19, 6:10 pm, vs. Detroit Tigers - Fan Appreciation Weekend

    First 30,000 Fans (both nights)


    The Twins Stocking Cap is consistently one of the most commonly worn items around Target Field. During the 2019 playoffs, many game-goers sported a stocking cap around the stadium. First of all, the cold Minnesota climate ensures that no stocking cap ever goes unworn. Next, one of the main benefits of a stocking cap is that you are still able to support your team regardless of how cold it gets. When it reaches subzero temperatures at Target Field, your T-shirts and pullover will be rendered unseen by the warm coat you are wearing over them. Therefore, a stocking cap allows you to show your team pride without compromising your warmth. The reason that this is ranked so low on the list is that this is one of the most accessible articles of clothing you can find. If you miss out on this promotion, you can essentially walk into any store in Minnesota and find a similar item.


    10. Back to School Item

    August 15, vs. Kansas City Royals - Back to School Weekend

    First 5,000 Kids (12 and Under)


    Although there are a few kids items offered throughout the season, this one also benefits the parent who is taking the child to the game. This item will keep your children entertained throughout the game and checks an item off of your back-to-school list. Plus, there is nothing more exciting to a kid than school supplies.


    You can find the full list of Twins promotions and a link to purchase single game tickets here. Please comment below if you agree or disagree with items on this list. As the season progresses, feel free to use this page as a Sell & Buy marketplace. With the signing of Kenta Maeda, what Maeda promotional items would you like to see?



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    I did catch tshirt from the cannon in the metrodome. proabably 2005-2006. It was a red shirt w a TC in the left chest, and a Perkins (restaurant, not Glen) logo on the arm. It was a size M, and I am a XL-XXL depending on the brand. So I gave it to someone near by. 



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    I caught a shirt from TC's cannon at a Father's Day game two years ago, and gave it to the kid in front of me. But almost every other game at Target Field I've go the t-shirt cannon strapped to my back, so at least I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

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    So happy I've re-evaluated my life choices and determined that I'm actually an adult medium. 


    On my one and only trip to Target Field (so far) a few years ago, they were giving out Dozier shirts. They had S and XL (nothing in between), so I got an XL. It was too small. (I normally wear an L comfortably.) I'm not sure if this was mislabeled, if it was a children's size, or if their sizing is carried over from the 18th century.

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    My 10-year-old son once caught a t-shirt from a t-shirt gun at a spring training game in Florida. He was disappointed that it was a hot pink girl's shirt. Still ... VICTORY!


    Ha, I remember when the people in front of me caught one and got super excited.


    Then they unfolded it to see it was just a CitiBank shirt with a tiny Twins logo.

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    No bat day? I've taken my nephew to get a regular size bat at the old Yankee Stadium, Wrigley and the White Sox park.


    When I went to my local stadium with my daughter we had a commemorative Molina bat.

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    On my one and only trip to Target Field (so far) a few years ago, they were giving out Dozier shirts. They had S and XL (nothing in between), so I got an XL. It was too small. (I normally wear an L comfortably.) I'm not sure if this was mislabeled, if it was a children's size, or if their sizing is carried over from the 18th century.

    AIl the t-shirts and jerseys they give out have that problem. I’ve had many small women in front of me question whether they should go medium or XL. I always say XL. About half have been able to fit in the XL and the other half not and these are small women who should have no problem fitting in a medium. 

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