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    Recent news from the Minnesota Twins and their minor league system

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    1. That's the Ticket: Get a Klue!

      Starting on Tuesday night, the Minnesota Twins will begin a three-game series against Cleveland. Prior to the July 31 trade deadline, the team traded their top starting pitcher over the last several years (Justin Masterson) as well as their everyday shortstop for the better part of the last half-dozen years (Asdrubal Cabrera). With six weeks to play, they find themselves on the periphery of contention, 4.5 games behind Seattle, for a wild card spot.

      Ken Blaze, USA Today
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    2. That's the Ticket: Taming the Tigers

      Once again, the Twins have been relegated to playing the spoiler role here in September, rather than actively competing for a postseason spot. Sigh.


      On the bright side, they have a chance to make an impact on the most compelling race in baseball. The Kansas City Royals haven't been to the playoffs since winning the World Series in 1985, and they're trying to get back. But they'll need to overcome a Tigers team that has reigned over the Central for three years straight.


      Detroit leads Kansas City by a game and a half, and comes to Target Field this week as the Twins launch their final homestand of 2014.

      Rick Osentoski, USA Today Sports
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    3. That's The Ticket: A Series That Means Something

      This looks like the most compelling home series the Twins have played in five years. Is it the worst possible time to play the Tigers, or the best?


      On the one hand, the Tigers offense is clicking, they’ve won four of their last five series, and they’re 7-2 already this season versus Twins, the team they need to catch if they want to return to the postseason. On the other hand, the Tigers are barely above .500, they just lost their star player, their pitching has been abysmal, and a losing series (or, god forbid, a sweep) could make them re-evaluate their status at the trade deadline.

      Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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    4. That's The Ticket: Catching A Baseball

      Let’s say you have been to hundreds of baseball games in your life and you’ve never gotten a baseball. Or better yet, you are looking to give your kids that magical experience of landing a ball. Where would you sit? It goes without saying that getting a ball at the ballpark has very low odds but here are some seating tips to increase your chances during the upcoming Boston Red Sox series at Target Field.

    5. That's The Ticket: Roll Out The Brew Crew

      The energy is always a little bit different when the Milwaukee Brewers come to town.


      When the Brewers come to town, there’s suddenly an increase of people who claim that Spotted Cow is beer’s gift to God and wear ‘Party Like It’s 1982’ T-shirts. There are comments made about the lack of tailgating facilities and how the concourses are not spacious enough and, ugh, what is that, sky? Isn’t there some way to blot out that unsightly glowing orb?


      The standings never really seem to matter. One team could be on top of their division, like the Twins, and another, like the Brewers for example, could be so far out of the race that the Cubs are thinking about dropping them as their minor league affiliate. It doesn’t matter. For the Twins-Brewers series happens in a six-game microcosm. Winner of the series retains bragging rights until football season.


      It is the place to be in the summer. And, for the first time in several years, this series falls on a weekend. Need more convincing to get down to Target Field this weekend? Check out these on-field moments from when the Brewers came to town.

    6. That's The Ticket: The Future Is Now

      According to the producers of "Back To The Future 2", when Marty McFly traveled into the future -- 30 years into the future to be exact -- he arrives to learn through a hologram billboard that the Chicago Cubs had just won the 2015 World Series.


      McFly is absolutely stunned. Flying cars, hoverboards, shoes that self-tie and the Cubs winning the World Series. All inconceivable. Where am I? Wait the Cubs won the World Series?! What YEAR is this? When filming of the movie began in 1989 the Cubs had been bad. Maybe they were lovable but they sure were losers. Over the previous ten years, they had managed just one season over .500. They hadn't won a World Series since 1908 and hadn't won the National League pennant since, to quote Steve Goodman, the year the US dropped the bomb on Japan.


      What may be even crazier is that based on the way the Cubs have been playing in the real 2015 and despite really wanting that hoverboard, it is entirely possible that winning the World Series might be the only prediction that comes true from "Back To The Future 2".


      For the Cubs the future is now and it is coming to Target Field for a three-game series.

    7. That's The Ticket: Your AL Wild Card Winner

      If the MLB regular season were to end today … we would probably be a little bummed. I mean, it just started. But we would be comforted knowing that the Twins would still be playing, because they enter this series tied for the last AL Wild Card spot. So which game to see? As usual, we’ll break it down scientifically.

      Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports
    8. That's The Ticket: Home Opener

      Happy Opening Day!


      The Home Opener will get all the attention (and attendance). But which Twins/Royals game is "The Ticket" this week? We’ll break it down…..


      Best Pitching Matchup

      Monday, beacuse it includes Trevor May and he’s so important to this season. After spending over $100M on free agent pitchers the last two years, the Twins need some help. The 25-year-old May could be a big part of the rotation for several years to come.

      Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports
    9. Touch ‘Em All Pub Crawl Signup Has Started!

      Signup has begun for the Touch 'Em All Pub Crawl, sponsored by Proximo Spirits, and you can join us by clicking on this link. Tickets are $60. The event starts August 23rd at noon and includes a $27 Twins ticket, a t-shirt, and a whole lot more as described below. Last year was legendary and we expect a much bigger crowd this year. Grab your tickets right now.

    10. Minnesota Twins’ Target Field Hosting Hiring Events

      You already support the Minnesota Twins. Why not literally support the Minnesota Twins – and get paid. Delaware North, who provides concession, retail and other services at Twins games, will be hosting upcoming job fairs at Target Field. If you’re interested in being inside the gameday experience – and getting paid, including a $200 sign-on bonus –check this out:

      Attachments: Hiring%20Event%20Flyer%203.5.2019.pdf
    11. That's The Ticket: Meaningful Games

      Amidst their organizational swoon in recent years, the Twins have typically set a modest goal at the outset of each season: play meaningful games in September. That shouldn't be all that challenging, especially in the era of four wild-card teams, but it's an accomplishment that has eluded the Twins.

      Richard Mackson, USA Today
    12. That's The Ticket: One Swing

      Did one Brain Dozier swing change everything? Yes it did.


      On Friday, July 10th, the Tigers were playing their second game of a four-game set versus the Minnesota Twins. The Tigers were in an unusual position - behind the Twins by a couple of games in the standings. But there was no way that was going to last. The Tigers had owned the Twins for four years and 2015 was more of the same; the Tigers had an 8-2 record against the Twins so far that season.

      Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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