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What Does Bankruptcy of Bally Sports' Parent Company Mean for the Twins?

I watch BSN streaming on Fubo so that is my 2023 plan.  I will assess 2024 when it comes.  If too expensive, then I will listen to the games on the radio and review the daily game log on this site.  I tried a few years back just reviewing the game log real-time but outside a lot of oohs and aahs how'd he miss that, it was tough to know the running score.

I just hope in 2024 that they do not go with a combo package (Apple, Hulu, YouTube, etc.) package as I hate creating additional Internet accounts and trying to find out which streaming package the game for the day is on and I refuse to pay for multiple streaming sites.  It's tolerable now as 99% are on BSN, but I'd ask that the team stay away from the 25% here, 25% there model.

In regards to the TD daily game thread, it would be great if TD could have a box at the top with the score, inning, outs and player pitching and player at bat to help with that.

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