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WBC - Who’s watching? (Poll added)


Now that we are down to 8 teams in the WBC, who will win it all?  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Australia
    • Cuba
    • USA
    • Venezuela
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Puerto Rico
    • Mexico

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34 minutes ago, davidborton said:

Edouard Julien, in Canada's 5-0 win over Colombia. Series tots included.



















Includes a double. Good game and nice to see Urshela play for Colombia.

Urshela   i believe is 0 for so far

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I was impressed by Jorge Lopez in the 7th inning. Great game. I thought the DR bats would pull it out. It is relaxing to watch when you just want to see good baseball and do not have a favorite team.

Thanks for the updates. I followed on mlb.com but was a little irritated that the feed was switched.

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1 minute ago, Squirrel said:

Yes, players were jumping up and down when Diaz went down, something with his knee, didn’t look good 

Bad news.

Cody Bellinger hurt his shoulder on a celebratory move and still hasn't been the same. Remember Morales breaking his leg when he stomped on home plate in a walk off home run? Hate to see injuries.

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Went to the Mex/CAN game this afternoon. 10-3, Mex.

Albers got tagged for 2ERs in 1.2 inn for Canada.. Julien continued to look good, smacking an HR, a double in 4ABs. He is hitting .538 in the series.

Urquidy got off to a terrible start; wild. Finally settled down in the 3rd inn and walked away with the win. Arozarena hit two doubles in 2AB, feasting on "fast" balls. Hitting .500 for the series.

Chase Field? Bickering between the D'Backs and the authority who runs the stadium. Build us a new one/refurb it. Place was filthy from dust all the way back to last game in Sept. Wasn't cleaned between games up in our area.

Cables are shot and sliding roof can only be opened or closed when no one is in the stadium. We had a minor water trickle all the way thru our section with an all day rain. They had to shut a ramp up to our seats. Inexcusable.

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Sorry to see Diaz get hurt, They have a bunch of relievers, not like Diaz ------ Oh wait dont they have Emilio Pagan  i was hoping the P.R. Team would  of pitched Pagan to help tighten up the score

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Verified Member
3 hours ago, tony&rodney said:

Puerto Rico - Dominican Republic is quite a game. The Dominican team has like a dozen position players who are/were All Stars. 

Great game (w/ all sorts of Twins and recent Twins) but such a terrible end with Diaz's injury... Have wish him well and hope his injury is not as bad as it looked when lugging him off the field. 

(Glad it wasn't Eddie Rosario's fault- was almost sure I'd see him in the replay doing a "Rosario"...)

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42 minutes ago, cheeseheadgophfan said:

The Diaz injury is every MLB team's worst nightmare......it would be sad but and I can't blame them if they discouraged players from playing.  $100 million dollars invested in him and I'm betting he's done for the season.

It looked fluky so I hope people don’t act compulsively and pull out. They weren’t excessively celebrating, either, imo, so I hope there aren’t calls to ‘tone it down.’ But … yeah … it looked like a knee thing and maybe a something torn thing. A huge investment indeed. Let’s hope he’s okay and can pitch this season. One of the best relievers in the game, was amazing last night and fun to watch pitch.

Heres the update … he will undergo imaging today with results to be announced later:


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Gavin Lux hurt his ACL stepping aside on a routine play. S*it happens. We have seen players suffer season ending injuries stepping out of the shower or cutting carrots while making a salad. The WBC has been loved by some and reviled by others. When Freeman tweaks a hamstring while swinging a bat or jogging to first base (however it happened), it is inane to think that he would be better off in the safe hands of the Dodgers training staff. Diaz suffered a freak injury and we hope he is ok.

The WBC highlights the fine line between the best baseball players and those who are a level below. Fundamentals like fielding, running,  and contact are important. We can also appreciate that the best players are quick to pick up on the nuances of an opponent who they are not familiar with from previous competitions. 

The timing of when to play a tournament in baseball is difficult. Soccer (I'm not a fan) puts the World Cup during a time when all players are in peak condition. It (soccer) dwarfs any other sport in global interest and viewership (5.4 billion in 2022 World Cup versus 114.4 million viewers in 2015 Super Bowl https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/most-popular-sporting-events-world-8fc518d95d104c16). My opinion is that the WBC is a good vehicle to grow baseball and the games have been pretty good. All of the teams play by the same rules (pitch counts, rest, and concern for the pitchers) and there is clearly interest in Asia and Latin America. 

The Twins have held Byron Buxton and Jorge Polanco back from games thus far and it makes sense to move slowly with players with a history of injuries as they build toward the season. This does not impact many players and the guys playing in the WBC do not face any increased risk of injury. Jhoan Duran entered camp already throwing 100+ mph pitches. He withdrew from the WBC because of a small twinge in his leg. Correa (birth of child), Miranda (throwing arm), and others had legitimate reasons to pull away from participation, but there were many others that took their spots. It will be interesting to see if MLB moves the WBC or keeps it in March. It has been fun so far. I hope there are no further issues.

Lastly, Edouard Julien sure had himself a fine tournament. 

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