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Report from the Fort: How Serious is Jose Miranda's Sore Shoulder?

FORT MYERS - Jose Miranda's withdrawal from Team Puerto Rico underlines that he and the team are taking his sore shoulder seriously.

One of the questions this year was how Jose Miranda would look playing third base everyday. We haven't seen him there. He's been playing regularly in spring training games, but always as a designated hitter. It was revealed by the team on Thursday that he's been dealing with a sore shoulder. After his 1-3 appearance in the Twins' spring training road game at Tropicana Field, he talked to reporters who asked him how serious it is. John Bonnes passes along his reply in this Report from the Fort.




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16 minutes ago, sun said:

This is the most thorough report that I could find. I wonder if he was throwing too hard, too soon or hurt himself lifting weights or what?  

They only report that it's inflammation.


I believe you're right. It's very easy for young players when given an opportunity to over do it. Then having them set back because of it. I hate to see him miss precious 3B reps in ST games & practice.

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Verified Member

It's my understanding this has happened once before. A sore this or that isn't uncommon this early in camp for anyone. The Twins don't seem concerned, and he's still able to hit. So I'm betting he's going to be fine in a week to 10 days.

But it's too bad he won't be able to participate in the Classic for his home country.

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On 3/4/2023 at 12:29 PM, John Bonnes said:

I fixed the audio, and this one has captions, too. Sorry about that. 

Thank you John for all the time and energy which you put into TD. Now can I sit with you in the press box Tuesday in the Baltimore game? I'll  do an article about what it is  like to sit in the press box at Hammond Stadium.  No harm in asking. :)

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