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Report from the Fort: Mahle's Shoulder, Standing Pat in the Pen, Pohlad's Pockets (Exclusive)

FORT MYERS - Tyler Mahle's shoulder mystery is still unsolved, but he has some theories on what happened.

Image courtesy of © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

We're trying something new for Twins Daily's Caretakers: a 25-minute audio report from John Bonnes on what he's seeing and hearing from players, coaches, and management inside Hammond Stadium. Today's report includes:

  • Tyler Mahle discussed the shoulder fatigue that impacted his season, when it has happened before, and offseason adjustments that he made to return to top form.
  • Why you should quit holding your breath for additional bullpen help. 
  • Joe Pohlad's interview with The Athletic's Dan Hayes, and why you should make sure you read to the end.
  • Which pitchers we might see in the swing role for the MLB club, and who they'll keep as starters. 
  • Blayne Enlow discusses his struggles last year, and what he expects this year. 

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On 2/17/2023 at 11:42 AM, ashbury said:

You encouraged reading the Dan Hayes piece in The Athletic, and I just want to say that the photo of Joe Pohlad sure has him rocking the Brian Dozier style pompadour hairstyle and audio headset.


Dozier aka "Prell"

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