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2023 Prospect Previews: Tanner Schobel

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The Twins drafted Tanner Schobel with the 68th pick in the 2022 draft. How does he profile? What can we expect in 2023 from the infielder who had a big power breakout in college?

After the collective amazement at the Twins drafting a pitcher that Minnesota fandom clamored for at #48 had worn off, we began moving into the nether regions of the draft. Famously random, the MLB Draft is incredibly unpredictable, even more so after you pass the first 50-75 prospects. The Twins, however, have shown preferences based on their drafting model after their top 1-2 picks. They are likely to draft college players, particularly position players, with solid floors that have shown significant development in an area of value in the previous season. Enter Tanner Schobel.

Schobel was a draft-eligible sophomore when the Twins selected him at #68 overall in the 2022 draft. He signed for a bonus just over $1 million. For a young player, Schobel has a ton of experience, starting every game for Virginia Tech as a true freshman, before playing well in the Cape Cod league at the end of the season prior to assuming the starting shortstop role ahead of his second season in Blacksburg.

Scouting and Signing
Hit: 50 Power: 45 Run: 50 Arm: 50 Field: 50 Overall: 45 (scouting grades courtesy of MLB.com)

As a freshman at Virginia Tech, Schobel put together a .279/.339/.441 (.780) line with seven home runs. His performance on the Cape (a wood-bat league), was a good barometer for the positive development he made in 2022. As the Hokies everyday shortstop, Schobel hit .363/.445/.689 (1.134) with 19 home runs. By any standards, that is a significant power breakout, owing largely to his ability to get more loft on the ball.

It’s likely that Schobel’s sophomore power breakout doesn’t carry over into the professional game. It's the kind of development you want to see from a young prospect drafted after the first two rounds as it points to continuous improvement and development. Schobel ended up at Low-A Fort Myers at the end of last season, managing a solid .367 OBP bolstered by an 18 BB%. Schobel is one of those prospects who has good tools across the board, but maybe not yet any one that is outstanding. He’s a solid defender with a good arm. The Twins moved him between shortstop and second base in his first professional half season. It’s likely he continues to be moved around the diamond in 2023 to bolster his versatility.

Likely to Start At: Low A Fort Myers
It’s likely Schobel starts the season in Fort Myers, despite an impressive end to 2022. As a college player with good versatility and solid tools, he should be a fast mover. It’s likely he moves to Cedar Rapids in short order if he has a strong start in 2023. Schobel’s future with the Twins depends largely on the development of his hit and power tools. If he can translate his power breakout to wood bats, the Twins will have found something significant. If not, he profiles as a strong utility infielder with average to above average hit and power tools, a valuable depth piece for the Twins.

What did you think of the Tanner Schobel pick? What do you think his ceiling is with the Twins?


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He seems like a solid pick with potential. He's got good contact skills and it's not surprising to see him collect walks in Rk & low A ball, but still good to see. For him to be more than a utility guy will require him to add power, though and it is a little concerning that he showed so little of it in his first taste at pro ball. It's possible that his senior season at VT was a bit of a fluke, and if it is, it will really limit him unless he's able to collect a LOT more singles.

I don't mind seeing a college bat with some positional flexibility and potentially a higher floor coming in here. 

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Sounds like a decent prospect but with a long way to go, a lot of people to jump, and an unclear ability to stick at SS. Let’s hope he can continue his progress at the plate and learn a new position so can compete for a major league job as a 2B, 3B, 1B, corner OF, or utility IF. At the moment, he’s probably at best #6 on our “Likely to be Our Starting SS Anytime Over the Next Six Years” list behind Correa, Lewis, Miller, Lee, and Someone Else TBD.


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I was hoping for the Twins to double down on pitching with that pick but they went with a bat they all really liked.  They saw that he could sell out for power when he picked his spots and he already had good contact skills and I think those are players they like to work with. They have to be betting on his hit tool to make this pick work. In time he might be a player that keeps his walks and K's pretty even and if he does tack on power to his solid contact skills I think he could be a solid MLB second baseman.  That is a lot of hopeful projection on my part but that had to be the plan when they picked him. 

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This is the type of player I would like to see transformed to catcher albeit with a little better arm.  We draft alot of shortstops with great athleticism which I think could be taught the tools of ignorance.  Smart and athletic could be a ticket to mlb.  But I rarely hear of this kind of transferrance.  So, maybe I'm just crazy.  

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