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Twins Reveal New Unis in Style at Mall of America

After weeks of build-up, the Twins' new uniform and logo design were unveiled at Mall of America on Friday, featuring models like Byron Buxton, Luis Arraez, Jorge Polanco, Jose Miranda and Joe Ryan. 

Image courtesy of Theo Tollefson

BLOOMINGTON – The Minnesota Twins have a new look for the 2023 season, and fans, front office members, and players gathered at the Mall of America on Friday to see the new design of the Twins jerseys. 

Revealing the first new jersey design on the baseball diamond catwalk was Jose Miranda in the new home, white jerseys. Miranda is coming off an impressive rookie season with the Twins leading the team in RBI. He is most excited about accessorizing his cleats and glove with the new look. 

“I haven't really customized cleats yet but for sure next year. I want to do something with them and there are some people that want to meet on some designs during the winter with custom cleats. I'm gonna do something but I got to see what we're going to wear on Opening Day,” said Miranda. 


Matthew Wolff, a longtime Twins fan and designer for the new Twins look, spoke on keeping the history of the old with the new uniforms. “It was really important to respect the history of the team. Twins fans have a strong emotional attachment to the team's marks and uniforms and it was really important from the start of the project to respect them.”

The message that the Twins organization wanted to incorporate with the new uniform designs was to include the state of Minnesota as a whole, and not just the Twin Cities. The new M hats now include the North Star above them to add that state-wide incorporation. 

While not directly an homage to the old North Stars hockey team, Wolff hopes fans could recognize it as one and appreciate the tie-in to an old franchise. 


The player consensus for which of the new uniforms is their favorite goes toward the new road grey jerseys. These jerseys call back to the Twins road uniforms from 1987-2009, while still incorporating the new M design for the road. Luis Arraez had the honor of sporting the new road uni and believes they will be a good luck charm.

“I think we can score like 10 runs with these uniforms every game. I can't wait to wear this next year,” said Arraez. 


His teammate Jorge Polanco did wear the same pants but had on the new navy blue road, alternative jersey. Polanco, slightly jealous he didn’t wear the greys, still complemented Arraez appearance in them. “He’s [Arraez] wearing it, he looks good. I wish I would have worn it.” 

The material that goes into making these jerseys is also new, which Polanco already feels will be better for each game. “It’s a lot lighter and that makes us feel easier to move around the infield,” said Polanco.


The only Twins pitcher in attendance was Joe Ryan, rocking the new home, navy blue alternative jerseys. Ryan (top picture) had the most exciting catwalk on the diamond stage, running out as if he had just finished throwing a no-hitter. The only thing missing to add a grand crescendo to Ryan's stage walk/run was his famous turtle neck under the jersey. "They said be quicker, so I was like, 'Alright, take a zip around the bases," said Ryan.


The man dawning the newest alternative home jerseys for the team was star centerfielder Byron Buxton. Buxton spoke on how the new uniforms keep the Twins' tradition intact while also evolving it. 

“When I got drafted in 2012 it was pinstripes. To come out of that was a little bit different, knowing the Minnesota tradition was pinstripes. But over the years we've tried to change tradition quite a bit so this is just a new look for us. We got a new team, a new outlook, new meaning for us and this is just the start of something new,” said Buxton. 


While the decision for which of the Twins' uniforms will be worn on Opening Day is still months away. Fans can narrow it down to either the new pinstripe grey, road uniforms, or alternate navy blues as the Twins start the season in Kansas City on March 30. 

Fans can now buy the new uniforms at the Twins team store at Target Field, Mall of America or order them online at Twinsbaseball.com/shop



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"The message that the Twins organization wanted to incorporate with the new uniform designs was to include the state of Minnesota as a whole, and not just the Twin Cities."   

So, you accomplish that by having, for the first time ever, a "Twin Cities" version of the uniform?

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Many of these outfits mimic what a generic "Minnesota" team would look like in a baseball video game that didn't have MLB rights. Like, you can tell it's supposed to be the Twins but it's generic enough to pass any legal scrutiny. The away blues and grays (along with the home blues) are very uninspired. The "M" hat is very bad, especially when you pair it with those blue or gray tops.

I like the home whites, the creams, and both versions of the "TC" hats. 

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6 hours ago, Original_JB said:

So, you accomplish that by having, for the first time ever, a "Twin Cities" version of the uniform?

Nothing wrong with "Twin Cities," it's where they play, and more inclusive than just Minneapolis.
North Star emblem is a fine idea.  1987 "M" was better.

Bombo sez, "Anything but those powder blues."

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I like them overall. Not a fan of the M, but don’t hate it, either. Everyone always asks me what the TC stands for. That annoys me more than whatever style M is on the caps. Mostly I don’t care as long as the baby blues are gone. They always looked like pajamas to me. But mostly I don’t care because I’m more concerned with who’s wearing the uniforms. But I think the hype of ‘rebranding’ is always silly no matter who or what it is. That said, I enjoyed the fashion show.

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I think these look pretty good! I especially like the home whites, they look classic and good, but none of them look bad to me.

Don't like the "M" hats, though. The M design doesn't do much for me, and I think they got it wrong on the colors for the letting & star; why would you do the star in red and the letter in white? Looks weird and wrong.

I do like the fact that the players they picked for the reveal seemed to be having fun with it! 

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