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Eleven Free Agents the Twins Should Avoid

Many baseball publications, including this one, focus on players the Twins should acquire. The following is not that.

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The Minnesota Twins have several needs to meet this offseason. Shortstop. A top-of-the-rotation starter. Probably another catcher. Bullpen help. You can’t swing a dead cat without a local writer offering their suggestions.

This is fine. What’s equally important, and what these so-called experts refuse to address, are the moves the Twins shouldn't make. A bad signing or ill-begotten trade can derail a season before it even begins. Andrelton Simmons. Tommy Herr. Matt Shoemaker. Names that live in Minnesota baseball infamy as surely as Phil Cuzzi or the marshmallow salesman who got clocked by Billy Martin.

Here then are the free agents the Minnesota Twins should avoid as they build their 2023 roster. Reasonable people can often disagree, but not in this case:

  • Matthew Perry. The former Friends star is releasing a memoir about his decades-long struggle with drug addiction, but it’s being overshadowed by his disparaging remarks regarding Keanu Reeves. Everyone loves Keanu Reeves. Off-the-field controversy is never something a team wants to court, especially if the free agent is 50 and only plays celebrity hockey.
  • Ty Cobb. Dead.
  • A 3BR, 2 BA house in Eagan. The spike in interest rates can’t help but make a financially conscious team like the Twins wary, and this spacious rambler with an open-concept kitchen and walk out basement doesn’t fit any of their current needs.
  • Kevin Costner in Bull Durham. The team clearly wants Ryan Jeffers to be the everyday catcher, but his injury-marred 2022 and Minnesota’s lack of MLB-ready depth at the position points to the need for help. Unfortunately, Kevin Costner in Bull Durham is unavailable, as he was just acting and is much older now.
  • Whitey Ford. Dead.
  • The Papa John’s Papa Bowl. While the team might have gluten issues or are looking to cut out the healthy dose of carbs in pizza crust, a pile of hot pizza toppings in a bowl feels like it creates more problems than it solves. Lean proteins and vegetables feel like a better fit.
  • Aaron Judge. He’s such a big dude he might bonk his head on Target Field’s doorways. For a team with a recent history of concussion issues, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.
  • Rod Carew. He’d still probably hit .300, but the power and speed just aren’t there, as he’s a 77-year-old man.
  • Kanye West. Google “kanye+west”.
  • Walter “Big Train” Johnson. Dead.
  • Pat Mahomes. Twins lineage, generational arm talent, and a bona fide star. However, plays a different sport and would be unavailable for much of the season. Also his voice kinda sounds like a Muppet with a scratchy throat, which may cause problems with Twins outfielder Max Kepler, whose wife recently left him for Grover per Alpha News.  

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I strongly disagree with not going after Crash Davis.  He brings proven power (all-time minor league HR leader) and a heady, no-nonsense approach to the game.  He would temper the some of the staff (thinking Sonny Gray).  He reminds me a lot of Mike Scioscia...

He could be a short-term veteran answer.  Go get him now!

Along those same lines, they should strongly consider bringing back Lou Collins to play RF.  They did retire his number after all (this is true.  His jersey is hanging in the owners office in Major League III).

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On 10/28/2022 at 8:34 AM, mikelink45 said:

I would trade Emilio Pagan for a bag of used baseballs or a dead Ty Cobb.  Never rule out a trade until you see the final results!

This is a baseball version of my hockey trades.

Player XX, (in my case the Capitals play by play guy) for a bucket of hockey pucks...maybe even frozen ones... LOL

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