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If You Want Bold and Aggressive Moves, You've Got to Live with the Risk

6 hours ago, Hosken Bombo Disco said:

Ok well the front office also thinks they are a good team, or else they wouldn’t have traded away all these prospects. So, their heads must be in the sand too. Maybe we should direct more of our ire at them. 

Again, are the guys they got in return under control for 2023?

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2 minutes ago, Hosken Bombo Disco said:

That is a huge problem. 

Yes, it is. And I said as much in my post. I didn't say it very well, but I think they traded at the right time, and traded off the right players to fill pieces of need, but the actual players they traded for, not sure that's worked out. I've said the BP would be an issue from the beginning, and at the deadline, they traded for relief pitching, which was needed as we still showed 'promise,' and I'm glad they did. It's what they should have done. But given the results of who they traded for, that didn't pan out. Same with the starting pitching ... they traded for two starters. Great, it's what I thought they should have done. But then the results were what they were. Again, this is about evaluation. I think they saw that our team had potential and needed some pieces. They did that. Except for who the pieces were. I would guess that in the history of trades, you aren't going to hit on them all, but it seems like we didn't hit on any of the pitchers, and it makes me wonder. Paddack, Mahle and Lopez are still under our control next year, so maybe we will reap more rewards then? I hope so, or those trades were really a bust. But, I think the strategy over all is the right strategy. When your team is awful at the deadline, you trade off vets that other teams want, and hope for fair pieces back, or perhaps an overpay. When you are in the hunt, you use your prospect to fill in your needs. As I said, I think they had the strategy right, and trades are always going to be a risk, but it's what you have to do. However, they missed on the pitching, all around, imo. And yes, that's a problem. On the other hand, even though I didn't like the Donaldson trade initially, today I'd say we did fine in that one, given the seasons of Garver and Donaldson. I've been pretty happy with Urshela and not completely disappointed in Sanchez, considering what I thought we were going to get. So, on that front, I think it worked. But ... back to pitching ... something just isn't right in how pitcher's are evaluated and what they think they will be able to do with who we get. I'm willing to take the risk, and think we should have, but we just hit too many wrong, imo.

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