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The 5 Most Uplifting Developments on the Farm This Year

2 hours ago, LA VIkes Fan said:

I think LF is Gordon's spot to lose after this year unless they decide he has to hold down SS until Lewis is ready. Gordon has played the best of any of them at the MLB level and it isn't even very close.  

Hey, liked your post and agree to Gordon love. Outplayed everyone else? Can't agree with you there.

Larnach is NOT a finished product. Nor is Kirilloff. But the talent and potential of both, and what they've shown when healthy is damn good. Larnach should be 100% coming ST as there is nothing chronic regarding his injuries. I am crossing and double crossing fingers that this latest surgical procedure...makes sense...will allow him to play freely and be the talented player he can be. 

I love Gordon and have championed him repeatedly over the past couple of years. He's a lock for 2023 and I'm still not certain we've seen the best of him. But he is still best as a super utility player who is in the lineup 4 of 7 games. 

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I think it’s a little early to be penciling Lee into the MLB lineup. Didn’t Mauer spend 3 years in the minors?  Do we really want to put Lewis with a twice surgically cobbled back together ACL at SS?  Because of his “range”?  I hope he has a full recovery, but he may be a bit of a ticking bomb, especially at short. Palacios clearly isn’t MLB ready. There does seem to be a bit of pitching that may pan out. I think pitching is this teams strength going forward. There are several questions that will need to be addressed if next year is to be better than this one.  Sounds like there is some help in the minors in the next couple of years. Like I said to myself before the Vikings/Eagles game:  this year feels different…

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2 hours ago, DocBauer said:

Separate side note: Should Festa be a legitimate #7 after the 5 options listed and Julien? I know he's a #13 pick in the 2021 draft, but he was DOMINATE at 2 A levels in 2022. Just when it looked like he might be running out of gas, he had one of his best starts of the year to finish the Ft Myers season. And it's not like other players didn't have really good years. But he sure teased at "awesomeness" this year.

I don't trust any prospect who hasn't seen AA yet. That's a big jump and it exposes a lot of players flaws.

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