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Forum Friday: Free Fallin'?

The Twins suffered a bit of full moon fever this week. The TD forums need to know, will they now back down, or keep runnin' down the dream?

As the losses mounted, anxiety grew and the Twins Daily community wanted the bullpen to stop draggin' their hearts around. There were some bright spots to discuss too -- but did the Twins just get lucky? After all, even the losers get lucky sometimes.

Last week, namesake of a legendary Twins backstop @lecroy24fan questioned the contributions of Ryan Jeffers. But a good week at the plate may have been enough for them to have a change of heart.

We may not know how it feels to have a good bullpen yet, but just about the whole lineup seems to be hitting well. @DocBauer goes ahead and gives us a breakdown in Offensively: Just Sayin'.

Questions linger about the trade deadline, like @cHawk's Twins Trade Deadline 2022: Buy or Sell? Will they damn the torpedoes and go for it, or will they deal away some players and leave the rest to live like refugees? Either way, it seems like the waiting is the hardest part.

Another wait for a top prospect just ended, and @Trov asks, What did we think of Alex Kirilloff return? Between Arraez, Kirilloff, and Miranda, is it enough for the Twins to tell Sano not to come around here no more? But would we really do Sano like that and release the longtime Twin midseason? 

Off the field, @Original_JB reports that the Twins parent TV network may be learning to fly on its own, into the great wide open of direct-to-consumer streaming, with the Sinclair/Bally's standalone soft opening tomorrow! (not in the Twin Cities though). But without the Twins themselves on board, could this be Bally's last dance?

Have your own question, or answer? Go ahead and share it in the forums (in the form of a Tom Petty reference or otherwise).

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Old-Timey Member

Plenty of discussion this week about the necessity of using roster space on Duffey and Thornburg in consideration of their current usage. The question is why Duffey and Thornburg "Don't come around here no more". 

The lack of their usage is causing Emilio Pagan to tell them "You Wreck Me" due to lack of other options. 

From my perspective and looking at the pair of them on the roster and their current lack of usage. I can't explain it and "I need to know".

"You don't know how it feels" to be me without that information. 


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Verified Member

One better than his average week does not make Jeffers look better (his bunt though, was marvelous), none of the rookies, I do not consider Arraez a rookie any more, did well enough to think Sano is not gong right back to first.

Their fielding is actually worse than Sano.

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