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How Will Alex Kirilloff Immediately Hurt Himself?

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With fans demanding the prospect’s return to the majors, many wonder what season-ending injury comes next.


Royce Lewis showed incredible promise when he finally got the call to join an injury-ravaged Minnesota Twins squad this spring. He played so well there was an almost universal demand to bring him back from Triple-A St. Paul when he got sent down, regardless of what position he would play.

The result: the outcry worked, Lewis was recalled, and the shortstop immediately ran into a wall and partially tore his ACL while playing center field.

With that in mind, Twins outfield prospect Alex Kirilloff is tearing up Triple-A pitching after a year and change of battling a wrist injury. Supporters are wondering when he’ll return to the bigs and in what manner he’ll smoothly transition to the IL the rest of the season.

“I think it’ll be something weird,” said Trev Homan, a season ticket holder from Burnsville. “Remember when Marty Cordova got sunburned in the tanning booth? Something like that. The escalator he’s on stops moving suddenly, he falls and breaks three ribs. He gets scurvy or some disease that only pirates used to get."

Others say the wrist will flare up again.

“I just assume he’ll step into the box for his first at-bat back with Minnesota and a fastball is gonna run up on him and hit him square in the wrist,” said Dan Hayes, who writes about the Twins and Target Field neighborhood bar culture for The Athletic. “Feels inevitable. That or he slices a tendon on Aaron (Gleeman, fellow Athletic writer)’s neck fan.”

Kirilloff’s oncoming setback is also providing valuable teaching moments for local families.

“My son Cale came home crying from a playdate yesterday,” said Kristin Prager, a Minneapolis-based accountant and lifelong Minnesotan. “I asked him what was wrong, and he said that an older kid was making fun of him for being excited about Alex Kirilloff coming back. I told Cale that sometimes bullies have a point. Don’t be excited. Let your soul wither and die. Optimism is your enemy. Misery is your birthright as a Minnesotan. Expect nothing and then expect it to get worse.

“He’s only 8, but he understood. He put down his Gatorade and asked if he could have some black coffee, no cream, no sugar. I could almost see some bags starting to form beneath his eyes. My little man is growing up.”


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I have this vision of his first day back playing first (is that being redundant?) and the pitcher fields a bunt.  He throws to first right up the baseline and AK reaches awkwardly across the baseline for the catch and is blown over by the runner, bouncing him up the 1st base line into right field.   He picks himself up, walks 3 strides and falls on his face and has to be revived.  He recovers in time for spring training.  

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42 minutes ago, Minderbinder said:

Mental toughness, extra effort.  You don't learn that hitting .350 in AAA.

250 BA, 8 HR, 34 RBI's in 220 plate appearances as a rookie don't seem to indicate he's lacking in any of those things.....he got hurt....he's rehabbed and he's crushing it currently in the only place he's allowed to play.  

What do you want from him?

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Don’t be excited. Let your soul wither and die. Optimism is your enemy. Misery is your birthright as a Minnesotan. Expect nothing and then expect it to get worse.

This perfectly captures Minnesota sports fans pathos. So spot-on!

Buck  and AK should not occupy the field or dugout in any sort of proximity to one another.

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If i have to proffer a cause of injury...

Beat a wookie at chess.


But point of order? If we traded him, he wouldn't get injured, would he?

Leastwise, that is how i read the inevitability of dismal luck....

Thinking outside the Buxton,  trade him for a box, thereby protecting both of them...


Oh wait... Buxton has a full no trade clause... Oh well. I tried.

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dagnamit slow typing fingers can't keep up with me.
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That's what they get when they play someone out of position. Injured.

Lewis Likely would not have gotten Injured if they had simply rolled the dice with him at short to begin the season. 

Imagine how much better this team would be if we spent $35M on the Bullpen Instead of Correa.  


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