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11 hours ago, Riverbrian said:

I agree with you. 16 different pitchers made starts for us last year. 10 of those pitchers made 5 starts or more. Naming a starting 5 coming out of training camp is never enough. It doesn't matter if those named 5 are who the Mets and Dodgers are going to name. Pitchers 6 though 10 are going to get the ball. Every team needs them and most fans overlook them so I appreciate your recognition of it. 

However, what I don't want to see anymore... ever again. Is a Shoemaker type making 11 starts and tossing 60 innings of what he did for us last year. It was a mistake to sign him and it was a bigger mistake to double down on that mistake by handing him the ball 11 times because he can't be easily moved off of.

Or Happ making 19 starts and tossing 90 innings of what he did for us last year. It was a mistake to sign him but doubling down on that mistake and handing him the ball 19 times was what killed us... the signing didn't kill us... the letting him pitch badly over and over again killed us. These types get too many chances without the option to take them off the 26 man roster easily.  

I don't want to roll the dice on pitchers that you can't easily get away from. I'd rather roll the dice with youngsters with options, A pitcher with options can be moved down quickly if they get lit up like Shoemaker did and replaced with another youngster with options until you eventually find an Ober that gives your offense a chance to win and then you give him the ball again. 

Innings management of the youngsters has been something that I've thought about a lot when thinking about the pileup of arms on the 40 man. I was thinking about that before we signed Sonny Gray and thought this could get interesting. 

Necessity is the mother of invention. It will require some creativity. If you alleviate stress on the starters... the stress doesn't go away... it just transfers over to the bullpen.

Over 1400 innings need to be covered in 162 games. The traditional 5 man rotation coupled with the traditional bullpen set up won't get the job done this year. 

With that said... Pineda hasn't been bad for us. So... I'm ok with Pineda... i'm just thinking... what if he's not OK this year. 

I agree with everything you said about Shoemaker and Happ, but I do think their long leash had more to do with a refusal to move on, rather than an inability to do so. If we're at the point where we're worried about the FO investing innings into an imploding Pineda at the expense of these prospects they've essentially pinned the future on, well.....

I wasn't particularly pro Pineda, I just think there's some value in a semi stable rotation piece. 

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1 hour ago, KirbyDome89 said:

wasn't particularly pro Pineda, I just think there's some value in a semi stable rotation piece. 

With how many of the Twins pitching prospects are on the cusp of AAA, then the majors, this year is probably going to be a lot rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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