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VIDEO: So What the Hell Are the Twins Doing?

The Minnesota Twins have had a busy few days, completing trades with the Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees. The motivations of those trades haven't exactly followed a common logic, so it's easy to wonder what the front office is trying to achieve. While the picture is definitely still in the process of developing, here are my thoughts on what they're up to.

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One thing to realize is that the core of the team should be in place starting the season, but today's winning ballclubs are actually evolving through the season, as well.  Starting day rosters are not rosters after the All Star Break anymore.  If you take a look at the playoff teams the last 3 years, they have all added multiple significant pieces during the season that made differences in the playoffs. 

Especially in an era when bullpens are utilized so much earlier, the accumulation of appearances for relievers take a toll on arms --and you have to bring in someone fresher to still have pop end of season and into the playoffs.  Warming up fast and max velocity throwing takes a lot out of arms in the pen.  Its less about innings and more about appearances per week.

Front offices and scouts are more important now than ever.   Re-tooling goes on all season every year now.  If the Twins farm system can't start producing end of year callups that contribute, they will be in the cellar a long time----it can't be all trades that freshen up the end of season crew.  

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At this point the trades are confusing.  There has got to be more coming.  If not then this FO has to go.  If they are under directive to cut payroll by ownership then ownership should be happy.  If they are not then it's plain strange.  We have very little catching, no ss, need more starting pitching, and bullpen help.  This team today on paper is a joke.  Let's hope they fix it up.

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