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VIDEO: How Much Money Do The Twins Have To Spend?

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This ownership group is hard to follow.  I think how long the lock out goes will determine the market pricing of players. A full season 162 game schedule versus a 150, 140, 130, 120, 81, 60 or no games in the 2022 season  will have some effect on prices paid for players especially in 2022. This type of ownership philosophy will NOT benefit the game of baseball, players, owners & fans. I would like to see the lockout end quickly. But if the lockout goes beyond the start of spring training or the start of the 22 season, then, “nobody” knows what the solution will be. I understand the complexity of the issues, however, little or no communication will not solve the situation either. I don’t think if the owners and/or players piss off the fans will work either. The fans are not the source of the problem but fans will influence the results of the lockout decision of the owners and players. 

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