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What if the Minnesota Twins Go All In on Offense?

I’ve been advocating for Story for awhile. I believe even if you want to keep Lewis and Martin. Lewis can move to 3rd and Martin to left. If Lewis by some miracle ends up being a stud SS, you can trade Story or he could move to 3rd. Just think of the trade assets you end up with.

Here is a part of a fan graphs article on Story.  

Story is a new-age shortstop on offense; he’s more slug than on-base, though he’s made great strides when it comes to limiting strikeouts in recent years. It’s not just a Coors effect, though; he’s put up strong park-adjusted power numbers year after year.

That power and Story’s 6-foot-2 frame would lead you to believe that he’s a shift-enabled shortstop, only out there because of advances in defensive positioning. That couldn’t be further from the truth; he’s shown above-average range, a strong arm, and excellent hands. He’s been one of the most consistent shortstop defenders since reaching the majors in 2016.

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Call me crazy, but I don't like spending big money on FA pitchers.  They're too unpredictable, and one injury can make them pretty much out of commission for a year or two.  Teams like the Twins are going to have a tough time recouping that production.  Position players are far less volatile, and are a much better bet to give you want you paid for.  This strategy only works if you develop pitching, though, and that has been tough for MN.  They will need for two of their top pitching prospects to hit in short order.  I say roll the dice and see what happens.

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