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Reusse's Turkey of the Year includes some Twins candidates

Seth Stohs


One of my favorite articles to read every year... Patrick Reusse's annual Turkey of the Year article on Thanksgiving is always worth checking out.

This year, he does mention a few potential candidates... What do you think about his candidates and ultimate choice? 


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I never miss it…..  he has had better years than this one, and maybe the fact that the T Wolves have been so bad for so long that this years pick was mundane. I liked his take on Buxton. Buxton is getting on 28, his reliability factor is fairly ingrained.

I know baseball has changed, but I trust Reusses’s take on the game. It was honed with hands on experience for decades, and is enhanced by his following of different levels of the game, not only the professional version 

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Good list, but I think I might put our great reliever - Colome on the list.  So much expectations, so poor a performance, although maybe Shoemaker and Happ might even rate higher.  Then there is the person who signed them and Simmons and just resigned Jake Cave to give us the Dobnak/Cave dead weight contracts.  

And of course there are the Vikings who take half a year to warm up and get started.  

So much to choose from. 

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