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The Buxton Situation: Are we jumping to conclusions?


Looking through many of the posts in this thread, I see many posts that, by my interpretation, boil down to one of these three things:

*There’s no chance they resign Buxton*

*We’re going to be bottomfeeders for decades thanks to the FO*

*Falvine is incompetent*

All because of a prediction that Ken Rosenthal made.

I respect Rosenthal as much as any MLB analyst, and I’m completely against trading Buxton for the many reasons people have specified. But I wonder if we may be overreacting to all this.

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38 minutes ago, cHawk said:

Of course. I’m with you on this.

I'm with both of you.

Making the point clear is worthwhile from all. I'm actually expecting all TD land to weigh in on Buxton. Still,  despite our opinions and  Falvey's frustrating comments, TD comments should refrain from getting personal. The unknown reigns at this point. Twins fans need to speak their mind.

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As a fierce critic of this FO, I applaud your attempts here to lower the rhetoric.  Totally agree that the die is not cast yet!  We really don't know how this will all turn out so harsh criticism based on one sportswriter's article is probably unwarranted at this time.

What really frosts me is Falvey's statement saying they are still trying to sort things out., coupled with  earlier pronouncements by FO and ownership how they intend to retool enough to be legit contenders in 2022.  If they're not lying to the fanbase, they're, at the very least, being disingenious.  If they are going to succeed in their stated goal of a quick return to contention - a totally realistic objective with a strong core, multiple quality FAs and some solid trade possibilities - they simply have to strike quickly to corral the players needed to jumpstart things in 2022 , sort of like the Angels, Tigers, Stros and Dodgers have already done.  

But as others have forcefully stated the Buxton decision  must precede any major player moves.  Why hasn't this decision been made yet!  Their indecision is just baffling.  No, its not too late to resolve the Buxton situation and still agressively pursue pieces who will be solid contributors in 2022.  But time is running out and I, for one, who shudders at the idea of a rebuild again, especially in the hands of a FO who has failed to produce even one solid contributor to the pen in 5+ years of stewardship, have lost confidence in their ability to turn this ship around.  So two wishes: 1.) stop the mealy mouth excuses and 2.) take the necessary risks to either get us back to contention or admit to the fans a rebuild is in order and lay out a plan for such. 


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Just now, RonCoomersOPS said:

I, for one, look forward to Buxton signing an extension and watching this site find another reason to move the goalposts. The "Falvine is incompetent!!!!!!" threads never get old.

To be fair I don’t really see threads based around that. I’ve seen posts in threads that are based around that but I haven’t seen threads specifically dedicated to it.

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I think Ken Rosenthal is one of the most plugged in journalists in baseball, so what he says holds quite a bit of weight for me. He's not throwing out hot takes like this if he doesn't have something behind it. Why would he? Here's what we know: he's been offered extensions (same with Berrios) for the last couple of off-seasons. He's declined them, clearly. Buxton was mentioned in trade deadline rumors during last year's trade deadline even though he was injured at the time. There is still no extension agreed to, and he's in the last year of arbitration. There is still time to get this figured out before his control expires...

I want Buxton on this team, within reason. I am not one who says to sign him, no matter the cost. This specific negotiation is one of the most unique cases in MLB history. And I'm glad my job isn't on the line to get this figured out.

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