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World Series bound, 2021 edition


World Series matchups  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to see in the World Series?

    • Astros vs Dodgers
    • Red Sox vs Dodgers
    • Astros vs Braves
    • Red Sox vs Braves
    • Rally Monkey vs Dodgers
    • Rally Monkey vs Braves
    • Rally Monkey vs Astros
    • Rally Monkey vs Red Sox
    • Rally Monkey vs Squirrel (because Sconnie said it needed to be)

With the Dodgers win last night we are down to 4 teams ... none of whom I really want to cheer on to win. Of the four, the Braves are lowest on my list, even with my beloved Eddie in the lineup. In fact, I don't think the other teams come close. The Braves for me are in Yankees territory of likability. Yep, that bad. For oh so many reasons. So, then it's the Dodgers for the NL. Ho hum. Okay, whatever. Would rather be cheering on the Brewers, or even the Giants, but here we are. The Dodgers are most definitely the lesser of the evils.

Then it's between the Red Sox and the Astros. Is that really my choice? Either team against the Dodgers will replay a recent WS match up, and in both instances, the Dodgers lost, to cheaters. I'm blunt about that because that's what it was. Okay, so *maybe* they didn't cheat during the series and won against the Dodgers legitimately, they cheated to get there. But if that is the standard, I'm sure we could unearth a lot of that in the past. Were the Red Sox and Astros just the only ones who got caught? Then there is the era of heavy PED usage. I'm sure that made a difference for a team or two, it's why many owners turned a 'blind eye' to it. Okay, okay ... waaaaaay off track here ... don't follow that lead, please. Back to WS 21 and the road to get there.

I'm not very excited about any of this. But I'll probably have the games on in the background, I'll be checking scores. Who will be watching? Is anyone excited about this? Who do you want to win? Do you care? Will this thread/poll produce crickets?

The final road begins tonight, 7:07pm CT.

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Going for the Braves vs anyone.  
Astros.- still marred by the trashcan scandal 

Dodgers - big market team with a huge payroll - not for me 

Red Sox - East Coast Media darlings who should be rejected by all here in flyover country 

Meanwhile, Atlanta was denied an MLB showcase earlier this year.  I’d love to see the “Manfred Man” (with no Earth Band) have to hand over the Championship Trophy to the Braves in the City he eschewed.  

Finally, with the Braves in the World Series we get to shout “Eddie! Eddie!” at our TV screens when Rosario does well for the Braves AND shout “Eddie? Eddie?” If he blows the series with one of his bonehead plays. The Rosario roller-coaster drama is inevitable if the Braves make it.  
Go Braves. 

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