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So, the Yankees tried to acquire Simmons at the deadline

Josh Winder was promoted to AAA on July 2nd after slaughtering AA. Why not to the majors when the Twins instead called up the zero ceiling Griffin Jax? Followed the next day by the struggling JA Happ. 

The MLB team was literally out of contention before the second week of the minor league season was over. Why did Balazovic have any more than five starts at AA? They knew the MLB team was toast before he even threw a pitch. Once healthy, why wasn’t the top pitching prospects fast tracked to at least get AAA innings? They knew 2022 rotation was going to have several vacancies; they really needed to see what he could do.

Strotman didn’t do well at St Paul, but he was doing well at AAA for TB. Why wasn’t he IMMEDIATELY brought to the big league club after the team traded for him?

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So, I would have taken the lowest rated player in the Yankee system just to save Simmons salary the rest of the year .. Trading him was a no brainer, not to mention you would have been doing a good thing for Simmons as he would have joined a play-off contender.  That's why I don't think this rumor is true. It would have made too much logic not to trade him.

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8 minutes ago, Gatormandd said:

Maybe they did it to spite him for tanking and wanting to go to a contender?


Could you clarify this for me, please ... are you saying you think Simmons deliberately played poorly in the hopes of getting traded to a contending team?

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On 10/9/2021 at 4:26 PM, Brock Beauchamp said:

And as I said in a chat with friends, if there is news about what the Yankees are doing, it’s reported. Is there a more media-smothered team in all of sports than the Yankees?

Until 2020, the New England Patriots.  Also, sticking with baseball, a very close second to the Yankees would be the Red Sox. 


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On 10/11/2021 at 11:47 AM, LewFordLives said:

Simmons for Judge straight up. Why couldn't they get it done?

I doubt there were serious discussions. If the Yankees really wanted Simmons I gotta think a ptbnl would have gotten a deal done.

Sadly, there are many "experts" out there who will complain that the Twins, because they are so "cheap", didn't get this deal done. 

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