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Byron Buxton Isn’t the Next David Ortiz

I think this article takes the David Ortiz comparison too literally. I don't think anyone looks at Buxton and Ortiz and thinks they are similar players or would be traded/non-tendered for similar reasons. They're worried about the concept of "David Ortiz" and Buxton becoming a similar figure in MN sports folklore over the next 15 years. Injuries are always a part of any Buxton conversation and understandably so, but based on his obvious talent, I'd be surprised if he doesn't have at least 1-2 years in which he plays 145+ games and is an MVP contender. Picture him doing it for the Yankees and try not to vomit all over yourself.

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David Ortiz was easily the Twins best hitter, and I screamed and screamed at the time, but no one heard me.  He was just going into his prime age.  It was an absolute no-brainer to keep him.  Shame on the Twins community for not recognizing this, and, as for Ryan, he'd already shown severe incompetence, but this was the final straw for me.

My take was that Jacque Jones was the guy to get rid of.  He had trade value, and he did not have the predictives that portended a good future.  Pew, Terry Ryan, pew!

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