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Game Thread: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 09/24/21 @ 7:10PM


Message added by stringer bell,

One last game thread introduction is not yet assigned. If anyone is interested, the available date is September 30th. If you'd like to give it a shot, send me a message.


Good evening Twins fans and welcome back to more Game Thread fun! The mighty Minnesota Twins take on the tepid Toronto Blue Jays tonight. Can the Twins continue their 3 game winning steak and turn it into 4? I think so! Big Ober takes on the former Minnesota Twin Jose Berrios tonight. Truth be told I miss Berrios on the mound but I think we got a great deal out of that trade. I'm not cheering against Berrios tonight but I still think we got the better side of that trade.

Nick Gordon is gonna try to keep the momentum up after last night's game. He's batting in the 6 spot tonight. Hopefully he can plate a few more runs and keep us guessing whether or not he can make the starting lineup next year. It's interesting to see some of these young guys step up. The best example is Joe Ryan. What a surprise! Please, please, please Nick Gordon make us proud. It will take guys like Ryan, Gordon, etc., to put us on the next level. I'm confidant they will get there and next year won't be as bad as we think. I'm a small business owner and always try to have some positive thoughts. Here's to my positive thoughts....Win Twins!

Enjoy your Friday evening watching the Minnesota Twins! Grab your favorite drink and celebrate the great game of baseball! I'm leaving the office and will pick up some rib eyes to throw on the grill. I might even make a few cocktails and watch the game on TV tonight. I don't care if we're not in contention...I just love baseball! Especially the Minnesota Twins.

Go Twins!!!!

Tonight's Lineups:


1. Luis Arraez, 3B

2. Byron Buxton, CF

3. Jorge Polanco, 2B

4. Josh Donaldson, DH

5. Miguel Sano, 1B

6. Nick Gordon, LF

7. Brent Rooker, RF

8. Ryan Jeffers, C

9. A. Simmons, SS

P - Bailey Ober, (R)


Blue Jays:

1. G. Springer, CF

2. Marcus Semien, 2B

3. V. Guerreo, 1B

4. Bo Bichette, SS

5. T. Hernandez, RF

6. Alejandro (Captain) Kirk, DH

7. C. Dickerson, LF

8. S. Espinal, 3B

9. Reese McGuire, C

P - Jose Berrios, (R)

Weather: Game time temp, 59 degrees, 3% chance of rain.

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14 minutes ago, sampleSizeOfOne said:

Feels somehow strange Mr. Rooker takes Right instead of Mr. Gordon with Kepler not playing...


I wonder at that logic.


Unless Mr. Gordon is observing how Mr. Simmons is playing as part of his improvement efforts.

A lot less room in right? Also, I think Gordon might be the starting LFer next year....so more time in left makes sense.

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That was one of the worst strike calls (on Springer) that I've ever seen. That pitch was a half foot inside and Jeffers obviously had to stretch far outside the K zone to get it, but I guess he framed it well enough. Yuck.

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