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VIDEO: Joe Ryan Strikes Out 11; Minor League Playoff Highlights

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What is a dominant starter?  Someone who strikes out 11 in 5 innings?  Or someone who only goes 5 innings?  Is it possible to be both?  Not when I grew up!  86 pitches?  And Rocco admitted he "could probably have continued on and pitched", but, hey.....come on......he threw 86 pitches.....what's a manager to do?  Damn it, Rocco, let baseball players be baseball players!!  Oh, never mind.....as long as this guy is in charge.....don't get me started!

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What an absolute gift and godsend from Tampa. He looks like the Ace of the staff right now. Which is a horribly sad statement to make.

We had a rookie phenom a few years back, who regressed, got injured, and hasnt been heard from since. Lets hope Ryan is legit.

Which brings us back to Berrios.

Under contract for 2022 at 6.5M is a steal.

Why on earth would we trade him for a SS (granted he sounds great) when our #1 prospect is a SS. (Lewis)

Berrios wanted to be a Twin for life.

Lets hope we can sign him back in 2023.

Reminder - we paid 8M for hapless Happ last year.

Going to cost 50M just to field a starting pitching staff next year as it is, let alone a bullpen.

Trade Lewis & any worthwhile prospects for pitching. We have a young and pretty much set lineup for the next few years. Dont need SS, 2nd, 1st or outfielders waiting in the wings.

Win NOW! There will be more players to draft every year.

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