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Game Thread "Jack" Twins at Cubs 6:40pm cdt 9/21/2021 ad



Deep Thought: buy Jack Handey

I am not Jack Handey, last i checked. so it's okay if i am shallow. 
Deep Thought: Deep Thought.
How would it manage calling balls and/or strikes? Would Sano have struck out so frequently? And am i talking about the IBM product, or the Douglas Adams figment?
Deep Thought: Cubs
They are hosting this game. I wonder if they thought of offering Hostess Cub Cakes. They might not go over so well if cub is a listed ingredient.
Deep Thought: Twins.
We have a similar record as the Cubs. It is hard to tell us apart. Could this series decide our draft pick order next draft pick? Maybe no one will care, because they can't tell us apart. What Parent Trap hi-jinx might we get up to?
Deep Thought: Line ups.
They will allow you some deep thoughts of your own.


0. Griffin Jax (R) P

1. Luis Arraez (L) 2B

2. Byron Buxton (R) CF

3. Jorge Polanco (S) SS

4. Josh Donaldson (R) 3B

5. Max Kepler (L) RF

6. Miguel Sano (R) 1B

7. Nick Gordon (L) LF

8. Mitch Garver (R) C

9. Griffin Jax (R) P



0. Alec Mills (R) P



Catch ya later!

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6 minutes ago, MMMordabito said:

I really want Jax to succeed, but he's gone straight downhill since that lights out performance against Chicago when he had 10 Ks.  I guess even a blind squirrel ...

I still thank him for his service and his wife's service.


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22 minutes ago, downunder twins fan said:

So Kaprizov signed his contract?


And now I feel silly for wondering if it would be worth it to turn on the Twins game and pull up the TD game thread...  Probably wouldn't have picked up on this until tomorrow otherwise.  Thank you, possibly in Australia twins fan!

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