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Ranking the Top 5 Least Valuable Twins in 2021

20 minutes ago, rv78 said:

Simmons has a .221 batting average, was brought in for defensive purposes and has been able to play almost everyday. Kepler at .207 and Cave at .193 both with injuries that hurt the Twins, would have to be ranked higher than Simmons. Astudillo out hits them all with his blistering .249 average and ability to play multiple positions, although none of them exceptionally well. I'm willing to give the new guys a pass for now but not the 2 veterans listed above. Sano is not far behind.

Kepler hasn't been great this year, but despite the low BA he's been an average hitter because he draws walks and hits for decent power. Throw in his good defense (good in right, average in CF this season...down a bit, probably because of the injuries) and he's basically an average starter. Astudillo is...not. Simmons has been good defensively, but so bad on offense that Kepler has still added more value to the team despite playing abut 20% less.

Cave has been awful this year, but also literally broke his back. While I don't want him back...I'm gonna give him a bit of a pass.

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Problem is Cave has been given a "pass" the past few years.  If it wasn't for the Twins being so bad he probably wouldn't be on a major league roster.  It's scary when you see all these names mentioned as bad players.  You are all correct.  It certainly tells you how far the Twins need to go to become respectable

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If you aren't measuring their benefits to the team.. like leadership, energy,.. etc... all you are measuring is numbers.. and people add to groups a lot more than their numeric production... in all walks of life.. knowledge is more valuable than most would know.. Simmons experience that he is sharing is invaluable.. playing with him has improved players for the future..  and they are undervaluing La Tortuga; the innings he has filled on the mound and in the field ... when nobody else was available...  His defense is more than plausible at 1st and 3rd... how do you measure him saving arms in the pen and playing other so out of position they are lost at the position.. 

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