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Game Thread: Twins v Rays, 9/4 @ 3:05pm CT


Andrew Albers.

You say the name and it elicits all kinds of comments from all of us regarding the state of our pitching staff to the FO then to the coaches and manager. None of them good comments. The only reason we are seeing him pitch is because of the year we are having. So frustrating. And there were groans from everyone when he was called up and then when he was slotted to start last week.

But, he's done this so far: 360812237_ScreenShot2021-09-04at11_11_44AM.png.b4f60a66df2374970cbba8926abea9fd.png

Who'da thunk it? I certainly didn't. And his start against Milwaukee, who isn't exactly a slouch team, he did ... good. But we will see what he does today because, well, it's just difficult to imagine a near-36 yr old all of a sudden becoming ... that. So, I'm still skeptical. But I'm also still hopeful. I can't imagine there are plans for him on this team next year, but the Twins need pitchers to pitch this year and I don't think either Strotman or Balazovic are ready to be thrown to the wolves, as much as we argue they should be making starts with the Twins this year. I would like to see each of them make at least one start before the season is over, but I guess not yet. So, we need pitchers to pitch ... if this is what Albers does when he's on the mound, he's going to make another start until ... he doesn't? Hoping he continues. Maybe he has found magic? Skeptical but hopeful.



1. Luis Arraez (L) DH
2. Byron Buxton (R ) CF
3. Jorge Polanco (S) 2B
4. Josh Donaldson (R ) 3B
5. Max Kepler (L) RF
6. Miguel Sanó (R ) 1B
7. Rob Refsnyder (R ) LF
8. Ryan Jeffers (R ) C
9. Andrelton Simmons (R ) SS
Andrew Albers (L) P


1. Randy Arozarena (R ) LF
2. Wander Franco (S) SS
3. Nelson Cruz (R ) DH
4. Sandy Diaz (R ) 3B
5. Jordan Luplow (R ) 1B
6. Brandon Lowe (L) 2B
7. Manuel Margot (R ) RF
8. Mike Zunino (R ) C
9. Kevin Kiermaier (L) CF
Chris Archer (R ) P

Play ball ... go Twins!


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When I heard Albers was back in the organization, my hope was that he wouldn't see any major league time because if he did that would mean the Twins had a very bad season. And indeed that is essentially what happened. That said, there are cases where pitchers, especially lefties, are able to pitch way better than their stuff for many years after most players retire. If Albers could become Jamie Moyer 2.0 I would be ecstatic. 

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1 hour ago, Thegrin said:

Your thoughts about Albers mirror mine. However, I am a bit more hopeful. I believe he can be a competent #5 starter for the next couple years, allowing us to focus on signing premier pitchers during the off-season. :)

Well ... my 'skeptical but hopeful' is really a start to start thing. Although I mentioned next season, I'm more hoping he can string together some starts to get us through this season. If he has found something, yeah, I guess he'll get a look for next year because, well, pitching, but I'm more skeptical about that happening than anything. Hey ... but what do I know?

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So I'll set the over/under at 10 - how many runs will Baldelli let Albers get slammed with before he sits him. 7 for Barnes. 9 for Jax. I go 10 for Albers for the push.

At 43 pitches after two, he has at least 3 more runs to give up in him, easy.

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6 minutes ago, h2oface said:

How does it even happen that our AAAA pitcher, after all these years, hasn't come up with a windup/stretch move that is not controversial? HOW? 30-what years old and this crap. 

What was wrong with it?


I got back to watching during the long discussion after run 3 came across on a balk. And i couldn't tell what had been called, and heard this was the second time that had happened.

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Baldelli's post game remarks:  " I love the ways our guys battle.  We keep working hard, but injuries and the black magic spell really make it tough.

Reporter;  "How do you seem so calm and subdued, in the dugout when we're getting our asses kicked"?

Baldelli: " It's my meditation and weekly donations to various cults.,  Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm pretty messed up".

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The Albers story wsa a good one, while it lasted. Sadly, time to send him back to help St. Paul win. Four homers in three innings? We can bring in Strotman or Balazovic and let them get hammered, which isn't always bad thing to guys who have yet to pitch in the majors.


Andrew Albers, was rooting for you (no, not quite as the opening day starter). Was even thinking long left out of the pen to compliment John Gant as long righty out of the pen.



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